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Police Educational Programs

Crime Prevention

"The primary object of an efficient Police(service) is the prevention of crime."
-Sir Richard Mayne, 1829

Crime Prevention is of the highest priority with the Cobb County Police Department. It is our goal to provide our citizens with the best possible service available, and through our Crime Prevention Function we are committed to reaching that goal. We believe by actively promoting citizens participation we can reduce crime in our county.

The Crime Prevention Function, through our community education program, offers various programs to meet the needs of our ever changing and growing county. Assigned personnel conduct seminars and training on crime prevention methods, visit schools to lecture on various topics, distribute crime prevention material, coordinate our Neighborhood Watch Program, and assist specialized units when crime prevention needs arise.

We are here to serve the citizens of Cobb County and believe by working together we can reduce crime.


Educational Courses We Offer

The following courses are offered without charge to Cobb County residents.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Our goal is to educate members of a community about crime, criminal patterns, and what to do if you are a victim, or a witness to a crime. The neighborhood is then organized into a system of observers trained in “watch” procedures. This program lasts approximately 1 hour and begins a continuing liaison with the Crime Prevention Unit. Neighborhoods will need to have at least 50% of homes participating to establish the Watch Program

Business Assessment

A Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your business and assess your risk of burglary, patron safety and employee safety. There are many suggestions and considerations we can make which may increase the safety of your business.

The Crime Prevention Function is ready to assist you. Please call 6-8 weeks ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts. For information on any of our programs contact the Cobb County Police Department Crime Prevention Function at (770) 499-4585.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

To start a neighborhood watch, please take the following steps:

Read our Citizens Awareness Program Brochure.

Get at least 50% of the homeowners or apartment residents to sign the Neighborhood Watch Petition, which is included in the above mentioned brochure. (The petition needs to include the name, address and phone number for each petitioner).

Fax the completed petition to (770) 499-4196 to the attention of the Crime Prevention; or Mail the completed petition to:

Attn: Crime Prevention
545 S. Fairground Street
Marietta, GA 30060

Call (770) 499-4585 to schedule your startup meeting.
*Preferred meeting times are Tuesday or Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

Traffic Stop Tips

Questions about what to do if you are involved in a traffic stop? The Cobb County Police Department has outlined some tips in this video on what can be done to help have a more pleasant and safer interaction.

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Elder Abuse Public Service Announcement

In honor of the Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th,  members of the Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force got together and created a PSA discussing the topic.

Watch the video on YouTube