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How to Exhibit Your Work

Gallery exhibits are scheduled several months in advance. If you're a professional artist and/or member of an arts guild or group and would like to exhibit your works in the art gallery, contact our Arts Specialist for detailed information on submission criteria. Please include your portfolio and contact information to be considered for future exhibit opportunities.

Current Exhibition

Kottavei Exhibition

Previous Exhibitions

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The Art of Jert :Solo exhibition

"An Awful Good Time"

Dark Pop Illustrations


March 2018: Bill Rembert

Art and poetry that converse with history, current events, and how the two have a symbiotic relationship.

Artistically influenced by Emilio Cruz and Maya Angelou.

Inspired by Collin Powell, Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and John Dewey.

Bill Rembert Exhibition

February 2018: Janet Suarez

"The goal is not to pontificate, rather to create a forum for the viewer to question their relationship with the natural world and the environmental footprint they leave behind."

Janet Suarez Exhibition