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Travel Documents for Trip/Training/Conferences

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T2 Form
Pre-Trip Payment Form (T2)

A T2 is only necessary when we are going to direct pay for your registration or Lodging or any other expense we can direct pay, or if the employee is requesting an Advance payment prior to the Trip.  Do not try to edit this form online, you must download it before editing the form.

**We are no longer using a PCard for hotels, unless you request we book through priceline, all costs can be placed into the Advance section of the form.  


T3 Form
Trip Completion Form (T3)

A T3 is Mandatory upon the return from a trip. It is required to be submitted no later than 1 week after the return date from a trip. A T3 must be submitted whether you are receiving money back, zero amount due employee, or if money is owed to the County. This closes the Trip.  Do not try to edit this form online, you must download it before editing the form.

T4 Mileage Reimbursement Form
Mileage Reimbursement Form (T4)

A T4 should not be used for any Trip related Mileage. Luncheons, retirement parties, etc are VOLUNTARY and are not subject to being reimbursed. If an employee is found to falsely state odometer readings they will no longer be allowed to use Odometer Readings and will be required to use Map Prints. (Misrepresentation for financial gain is considered theft). Descriptions must be clear and concise to avoid questions and recompletion of forms. "Meeting" is unacceptable, should be "Meeting at Finance(or wherever)" is the proper way to state. CONTACT NAME AND EMAIL are mandatory on these forms and should be the person who can answer questions, should we have any.  Do not try to edit this form online, you must download it before editing the form.

How to Attach a Backup Digitally to Your Form

See how to attach backup documents using ADOBE READER

Attaching to Adobe

Did You Know?

  • If the Hotel you are staying at serves Breakfast we do not reimburse for Breakfast.
  • If the Conference you are attending serves any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, we do not reimburse for those meals.
  • If you are attending any conference/training that has an itinerary it must be submitted with your paperwork.
  • You cannot request Gas and Mileage it is one or the other.
  • Current rate for Mileage is $.65/mile and is not governed by the State it is approved by the County Manager. 
  • If you do not let us Direct pay a hotel and are charged State tax in GA we do not reimburse that tax.
  • Airfare can be reimbursed prior to your trip if stated on the T2 that it is needed pre-trip.
  • Direct Pay request vendors must be a Cobb County Vendor to be paid. Must be submitted no less than 2 weeks of departure date.
  • We require digital Signatures, you can create a digital signature on the Travel Forms.
  • Employees must sign up for EFT/Direct Payments we no longer print checks for employee reimbursements.