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Fire Marshal's Office Important Updates

Standpipe Testing

Effective immediately, in accordance with NFPA 14 all standpipes require flow testing. We will provide the pumper truck when needed, but only after a waiver is signed by all parties.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

All new certificates of occupancies with occupant loads of 300 or more now require an AED to be installed. Installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the owner/occupant prior to issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

Submitting Limited Work Permits and Information Change Forms

We are providing this notice to inform contractors submitting Limited Work Permits (LWP) (sprinkler/fire alarm) and persons submitting an Information Change Form (ICF) of a change of process in the Fire Marshal’s Office. Effective August 9, 2021 all LWP’s and ICF’s must be uploaded into our online portal called Mobile Eyes as a new application.  Please make sure to select the appropriate job type. Use the link provided on our webpage to access Mobile Eyes.  LWP’s and ICF’s submitted via email on or after August 9th will be returned to the applicant and you will be directed to upload your submittal into Mobile Eyes.  Go to our FAQ Topics for instructions on how submit your documents.  If you have any questions or issues with uploading documents into Mobile Eyes contact our office at 770-528-8310.


Once the application has been accepted in Mobile Eyes an invoice will be sent to the person that set up the account.  The invoice must be paid before the LWP or ICF will be reviewed and completed.  The invoice can be paid by using the link on the invoice to pay online, credit card payments over the phone will no longer be accepted.


NOTE: Contractors submitting LWP’s for inspection fixes will need to upload the LWP and associated documents into the ITM Portal in Mobile Eyes.  See the LWP on our website for additional information

Fee Schedule Change

Additional NEW Plan Review Fees (Sec. 54-53.1)
Specs        Year 2021 Year 2022 Year 2023
(and after)
Construction related inspection - All Types [1,2] $25 $50 $75
Limited Work Permits & Uploaded I.T.M. [3] Reports: all types, trades & disciplines per permit or upload. $10 $15 $20
Owners Information Changes or Name Changes - per each C. of O. [4] $50 $75 $100
IFC 510 - Emergency Responder Radio Systems $150 $200 $250
Review of Engineering Report, Engineering Judgements, Performance Based Designs or Equivalencies $150 $175 $200
  1. Canceling previously made appointments or inspections within 48 hours of the appointment date will not be refunded. A credit request can be made in writing to the Cobb County Fire Marshal and may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Related re-inspections shall be in accordance with Sec. 54-53. A $100 deposit will be collected for plan review.
  2. Any deposited fee collected in advance will get credited towards the final total plan review cost. All types of project deemed necessary to be reviewed, re-reviews, and revisions shall pay the minimum deposit of $100 except as listed above.
  3. I.T.M. stands for Inspection Testing or Maintenance, and the Cobb County Fire Marshall shall determine the limit per upload.
  4. This fee shall include one related onsite inspection of each existing building. Related re-inspections shall be in accordance with Sec. 54-53.