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Probation General Information

COVID-19 Recommendations for Visitors

Masks are optional but recommended for entry into the courthouse. 

About the Unit

The Cobb County State Court Sentence Enforcement Unit provides professional services to the court, community, and the adult offender when probated cases are utilized. A probated sentence is a sentence to confinement; however, the defendant is allowed to serve the time outside of confinement as long as he/she complies with the court’s general and special conditions.


You have been sentenced to probation. Upon release from custody, you must report in person to the Sentence Enforcement Unit Intake Office within three (3) business days or as stated on the Sentencing Order. The Sentence Enforcement Unit Intake Office is located at:

Cobb County State Court Building
12 East Park Square, 3rd floor
Marietta, GA 30090

It is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call (770) 427-2952.

Disclaimer: Do not send any of your personal, private, or sensitive information in an email to your probation officer. All emails are subject to open records requests. Any information that you e-mail will be available to the public through open records.

Probation Officers Phone Email
Carla Barrows (770) 528-1766
Breck Bauer (Supervisor) (770) 528-1756
Rachel Bohling (770) 528-1598
Elizabeth Condrey (Supervisor) (770) 528-1594
Grecia Davenport (DUI Court) (770)528-1798
Stacy Davenport (770) 528-1767  
Richard Forrester  (770) 528-1568
Adriene Glasper (770) 528-6994
Michael Hawk (770)528-1593 
Natalia Kindell (770)528-8007
Macey McWhorter (770)528-1162
Tami Nichelson (Chief Officer) (770) 528-1795
Kevin Pak (770) 528-1775
Sharon Scott (770) 528-1797
Michelle White (Supervisor) (770) 528-1792
Probation Aides Phone Email
Alyssa Caldeira (770)528-1799
Fredia Driscol (770) 528-1778
Lena Nelson (770) 528-1597  
Kris Patalita (770) 528-1796
Renee Watson (770) 528-1737

This office only handles misdemeanor cases that have been sentenced in the Cobb County State Court.