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Pay it Forward Adoption Special

Dog & cat sitting next to an empty food bowl against a backdrop of autumn leaves. 'Pay it forward adoption special. Bring six or more cans of pet food or 10lbs+ bags of pet food and your pet adoption fee is waived for the month of November.'
October 31, 2023

🐾 Pay It Forward Adoption Special 🐾

This November, we're spreading kindness and love through our "Pay It Forward Adoption Special." 💕

Your adoption fee is WAIVED when you donate six cans (or more) of pet food or 10 lbs+ bags of pet food to our Pet Food Pantry, helping pet parents facing difficulties. 🙏 🔄

What is "Pay It Forward"? 🔄 It's all about sharing kindness. Instead of repaying a favor directly, you pass it on to help another person. That's what we're doing this November! 🐶🐱

Give a loving home to a furry friend and support those in need. This special offer is valid throughout November. 🗓️ Let's create a ripple of kindness. 🧡🏡 

View our available pets at
(offer valid during November 2023)

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