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Microchip Clinic & Benefits

Dog, cat and bird sitting beside the words, "Does your pet have a chip on its shoulder?" The words Free microchip clinic are above the details of the clinic which are: dogs, cats and birds by appointment only on Monday, May 13 from 3pm to 7pm. Only 100 chips available to Cobb residents only. RSVP to with the address of the shelter at 1060 Al Bishop Drive, Marietta 30008. The Cobb County Animal Services shield and the Papayago Rescue House logo are beside one another.
April 3, 2024

The Marvels of Microchipping: Microchip your pet at our upcoming clinic

What Is Microchipping?

Microchips are like tiny guardian angels for our pets. These rice-sized wonders are discreetly implanted beneath your pet’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades. Encased in bio-glass sleeves, they’re safe for both pets and humans. When scanned, they emit a radio frequency, revealing a unique identification number and the microchipping agency. But here’s the catch: registering the chip is essential. Without registration, it’s like having an unlisted phone number—no way to reach you if your pet goes astray.

The Pawsitive Pros:

1. Reunification Magic: Picture this: Your adventurous tabby, whiskers twitching, decides to explore beyond the garden. Panic sets in. Fear not! A vet or shelter scan connects whiskers back to you. It’s the heartwarming reunion scene we all crave. 🐾 

2. Time-Tested Durability: Microchips are the marathon runners of pet tech. They endure up to 25 years, outlasting most pet lifespans. So, once you’ve chipped your fur baby, consider it a lifetime membership to the “Find My Pet” club. 🏅

3.  Swift and Painless: Installing a chip is a breeze—think seconds, not minutes. Your pet feels a mere pinch. No wrestling matches required! Compare that to tattooing a number (ouch!), and you’ll appreciate the simplicity. 📌

4. Fort Knox for Data: Your personal info remains confidential.  🕶️

5. Update on the Fly: Life changes—new address, phone number, or a pet name switcheroo (because “Mr. Whiskers” just didn’t suit your dog). With microchips, you can update info without breaking a sweat. 💡

6. One-Time Investment: Pay once, secure forever. It’s like buying pet insurance against vanishing acts. 🛡️ (In our case, the microchipping is free!)

7. Lost-and-Found Sorcery: Microchipping’s track record? Impressive! It’s like having a pet GPS, minus the annoying voice saying, “Recalculating.” 🌐

8. Avian Inclusion: Birds, cats, dogs—oh my! Microchips aren’t species-exclusive. Whether it’s a chirpy canary or a majestic macaw, they’re all welcome aboard the microchip express. 🦜

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Remember, microchips aren’t just about tracking; they’re about reuniting our wanderers with open arms. Stay informed, keep those tails wagging, and embrace the magic of microchips! 🐶🐱🦜


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