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Cobb County 911 launches new database to help Cobb's most vulnerable residents

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September 25, 2023

The Cobb County Department of Emergency Communications (DEC) is now accepting responses for its Logan's List database to identify those members of our community with special needs. The voluntary database allows Cobb DEC personnel to alert law enforcement or emergency responders that there are individuals in a home with special needs that could impede their ability to communicate with them. Signed into law in May 2021 by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Logan's List was inspired by a Georgia teen with autism and other special needs.

"Our ultimate goal is to fulfill the needs of all members of our community; programs like this help us do just that," says Cobb DEC Director Melissa Alterio. "Responders will be made aware of those mental, physical, or neurological conditions before arriving on scene so they can respond appropriately."

Registering your family members for this database would help responders by letting them know they are non-verbal, how they best communicate, whether they are easily agitated, or whether sirens and flashing lights upset them. This information is essential to make sure those in public safety can best help those with special needs. The two-page form takes only a few minutes to complete and could help keep responders and citizens safe.

Cobb DEC's implementation of this program comes after months of research and identifying how the team would gather and disseminate that information to responders. Once a person has completed the necessary form, the data will be available in the DEC Computer-Aided Dispatch system for telecommunicators, officers, and firefighters to see. The agency will keep a record of information in the database for six months and advise those added to the database to update any information and re-register every six months.

"We encourage those with a family member that may be special needs to please register your loved ones," Alterio says.

To register for the Cobb County 911 Logan's List database or more information, visit their website,, email, or call 770-590-5711.