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Property Management Department

Andrew Yakimovich, Interim Director
(770) 528-2108

The Property Management Department operates as a full service real estate provider, including land acquisition, design, construction, renovation, building management, maintenance, and custodial services as may be required by the various Cobb County departments.

New Construction and Design

Andrew Yakimovich, Interim Director
(770) 528-2108

Outside architects and contractors are procured to design new County buildings or large renovations such as courthouses, parking decks, libraries, and fire stations.  The in-house Design team provides support for contractor projects as well as drawings and design services for the Renovation group.

West Cobb Library Renovation


Canton Road Tag Office Renovation

Lee Vaughn, Construction Division Manager
(770) 528-1029

Renovation staff, along with inmates, handles demolition and construction in existing County-owned buildings up to 5,000 square feet. This group also oversees more extensive renovations up to 100,000 square feet requiring involvement and coordination of County staff, Cabinet Shop and contractors.

Our in-house Cabinet Shop crew delivers custom woodworking and finishes at a fraction of the contractor cost.

Maintenance and Custodial Services

Larry Haney, Property Maintenance Manager
(770) 528-2007

Behind the scenes management of County-owned facilities ensures that all electrical, structural and mechanical systems are consistently operating properly and preventative maintenance performed.

Custodial services are provided in the immediate work place of the County employees, keeping work areas cleaned as well as providing special services such as moving materials and setting up for special events. Outdoor areas and grounds are kept neat and groomed.