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SwiftReach Signup

In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with Residents and Businesses in the county, we have implemented Swift911™ from SwiftReach Networks, Inc. as our Emergency Notification service.

Swift911™ in its simplest form is a system that makes phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of "Cobb County" or "Cobb County Police Department".

If you are not receiving these calls and would like to, please click Register Now! in the form on this page and then add your contact information. After you are registered, you may also use this form to update your information or remove yourself from our lists.

When registering for the Cobb County Weather Alerts Opt In List, citizens will be included in alerts for the following hazards issued by the National Weather Service: Flash Flood Warning, Flood Warning, Tornado Warning, Winter Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory. You will be alerted by voice, e-mail and text messages based on the information you provide during the registration process. Registration and alerts are also available via the SwiftReach Public phone app for Android and iOS.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are not currently included in the Cobb County Weather Alerts Opt In List. Tornado Warnings, which are currently included, coincide with the triggering of the County’s tornado siren system when Tornado Warnings are issued for specific geographic areas. When you receive notifications from SwiftReach, we want you to know that the situation is serious and to seek additional information from your preferred media outlets.

The following are definitions provided by the National Weather Service in Peachtree City, GA of the hazards currently included as part of the Weather Alerts subscription package for Cobb County:

  • Tornado Warning
    A warning issued to warn the public of an existing, imminent or suspected tornado. A tornado is a violently rotating column of air, usually pendant to a thunderstorm, with circulation reaching the ground.
  • Flash Flood Warning
    A warning issued to the public that flash flooding is imminent or in progress. A flash flood is a flood which is caused by heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time, generally less than 6 hours. Also, a dam failure can cause a flash flood.
  • Flood Warning
    A warning issued to the public that flooding is expected to occur more than 6 hours after a heavy rain event. Also, issued when flash flooding persists longer than 6 hours.
  • Winter Storm Warning
    Issued up to 36 hours before an event for an 80% or greater chance of a winter weather event that meets at least one of these criteria: 2 or more inches of snow, 1/2 inch or more of sleet, or 1/4 inch or more of freezing rain. May be issued at forecaster and emergency management discretion when significant impacts are expected but the snow, sleet, or freezing rain criteria are not necessarily met.
  • Winter Weather Advisory
    Issued when, within the next 36 hours, there is a high probability of enough snow, sleet, or ice to cause inconvenience, but not enough to warrant a warning.