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Precinct 2 PENS November 2023

Jury Box
November 6, 2023

Welcome to the November edition of the PENS Bulletin brought to you by the Cobb County Police Criminal Investigations Unit at Precinct Two.

Crime Prevention Tips

For a crime to occur, three factors must be present: desire, ability, and opportunity. You can significantly impact opportunity and reduce crime by following these simple crime prevention tips.

Holiday Safety Tips

Yes, the Holidays are approaching and there will be an abundance of scam artists waiting to find a vulnerable shopper to take advantage of. This is the season of giving and taking, so here are some tips to keep yourself from becoming a victim and staying safe.

Unsolicited E-mails

Unsolicited e-mail should always be treated with suspicion. Never respond to bulk e-mails, even to ask to be unsubscribed (when you unsubscribe, that tells them they have reached a valid e-mail address).

Safe Online Shopping

The safest way to purchase things online is with a credit card because you can dispute the charge if necessary. If your credit card number is stolen and used by someone else, you are only liable for the first $50 charges (provided you inform the credit card issuer immediately). Many banks will even cover the $50. ATM cards are safe ONLY if your card limits your liability to $50. Even then, a thief can empty your bank account quickly, which is a major inconvenience even if you ARE covered. A credit card for online purchases is better.

Record Keeping

Print hard copies of all online transactions on your printer (a respectable e-commerce site will tell you to do that). Printed copies of purchases are concrete evidence of a transaction if a dispute arises.

You Need My What?

Be careful of stores asking for a lot of personal information. An online transaction with a credit card should not require giving a merchant more information than is needed to verify your card and ship you the product. If they do, they may be collecting information about you that they can sell to someone else.

Online Auction Sites

If you use online auctions, use the protections they have put in place for you. Check the posted comments about both sellers and buyers. Use escrow services (with caution) if you are buying or selling big-ticket items.

The old adage, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is" applies on the Internet. Be careful of "great deals" and "special offers." Watch out for very cheap name-brand software - many copies of old (and no longer supported) versions of well-known products exist. Ensure you always know exactly what you are getting, no matter what you purchase.

Watch out for Free Advice

Whether it's a stock tip from a chat room or an unsolicited e-mail, avoid advice from total strangers. Why would they want to give you free advice? There's usually a motive involved, and that motive is simple: they want to make money off you. Don't listen, don’t be vulnerable! (Except for us, we are the good guys!)

Watch out for Jury Duty Scam

There has been a trend of citizens receiving a phone call or text stating they were scheduled for jury duty but failed to show up. The citizen is then asked to pay a fine or go to jail. This is a scam. The caller/ texter then requests the citizen purchase gift cards to pay for the fine to avoid arrest. This is a scam. If you receive this phone call or text, do not fall for it. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of jury duty, contact the Cobb County State Court System (770) 528-2628.

Precinct 2 Year-to-Date Statistics

Crime Event Number Trend %
Homicide 6 -33%
Robbery 47 -5%
Aggravated Assault 216 -1%
Residential Burglary 144 +4%
Commercial Burglary 66 -37%
Entering Auto 381 +22%
Theft 750 -15%
Vehicle Theft 231 +4%

Trending up

Residential Burglary: While the trend is up, the main culprit is theft from homes under construction. New homes are being burglarized for building materials and appliances.

Entering Autos: This trend is considered a “theft by giving” as many incidents are cars left unlocked with valuables left in plain site. These crimes can be drastically reduced if more people lock their cars overnight and take valuables inside their homes. “Door-flippers” walk around subdivisions and check for unlocked cars. If the car is locked, they generally move on.

Vehicle Theft: While the numbers show an increase in vehicle thefts, there are a significant number of reported thefts that are domestic-related, overdue motorists, and vehicle repossessions. While we continue to monitor these crimes, we don’t see a crime trend developing. However, stolen cars continue to occur and are related to entering autos and fraud. Never leave your keys or fob in the car overnight.

We work hard in the uniform and detective bureaus to keep our community safe. We need your help. Call 911 to report suspicious activity, register your cameras, and lock your vehicles when parked. Small steps can make a big difference.

A Crisis Has No Schedule

Help is available 24/7 for problems with developmental disabilities, mental health, drugs, or alcohol.

Call the Georgia Crisis & Access Line at 1-800-715-4225 or visit

Community Affairs Unit

The Community Affairs Unit seeks to effectively engage the community and citizens to strengthen Public Safety and community partnerships, facilitate a joint effort in solving problems that affect our community, and foster enhanced trust, communication, transparency, and mutual respect. Officers work with homeowner’s associations, community organizations, advocacy groups, public and private schools, faith-based organizations, and individual residents to promote mutually beneficial partnerships.  As a result of these working partnerships, the officers are able to develop proactive crime-fighting projects that are jointly undertaken by Department personnel and citizens.

Precinct Two Heroes at Work

10/23/2023 at 12:57 PM - Armed Robbery of a Bank - 5353 Floyd Road - Case # 23083675

Precinct Two Day Watch Officers and detectives from CIU2 responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at a financial institution. The responding units received information a subject was inside the bank, screaming demands for employees to open the bank vault. The subject fled prior to the arrival of police at the bank. A search of the area was conducted and Officer Hutton located a subject and notified dispatchers of his location. Once additional units arrived, the suspect was detained.  It was determined this subject was the offender, and he was transported to detectives for interviews.

9/27/23 at 11:00 PM - 2 Stolen Vehicles - Hospital S Rd/Austell Rd - Case # 23076643

Officer Eversole was Northbound on Floyd Rd when he observed a Toyota Rav4 that had fled from Sgt. Shinkle the previous night when he attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle was distinct because it had what appeared to be a fake temporary tag displayed over another temporary tag. Officers responded to the area and completed a box-in of the vehicle. The vehicle's occupants fled on foot and three of the four were arrested. The vehicle was discovered to be stolen. The driver was familiar to officers and had been arrested previously for entering autos. The two juvenile passengers were discovered to have either a warrant or were reported as missing. The driver was charged with possession of stolen property, obstruction, concealing the identity of a vehicle, and interference with government property.

8/30/2023 at 7:07 PM - Traffic Stop - Floyd Rd/Clay Rd - Case # 23069218

Officer Bradberry attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a black Range Rover that was observed driving recklessly through the area.  The vehicle fled, and Officer Meuse performed a P.I.T. maneuver; however, the Range Rover managed to continue fleeing.  Officers pursued the vehicle while awaiting tag returns from the dispatcher.  Officers briefly lost sight of the vehicle, which was later abandoned in a cul-de-sac.  The Range Rover had a fraudulent temporary tag affixed to its rear and the VIN plate was altered.  Officers located the true VIN and learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Atlanta in 2021.  Inside the vehicle was mail addressed to a residence three houses away from the abandoned vehicle.  Officers surrounded the house and performed call-outs over the PA system.  A female exited and spoke with police. She identified the driver of the Range Rover as her child’s father who lives in the basement.  She claimed not to know his name but provided consent for officers to search the house for him.  While inside, officers observed a Chevrolet Corvette in the garage with no tag.  The VIN on the dashboard appeared fraudulent.  The suspect was not located.  Officer Bradberry then secured a search warrant for the Corvette and its keys.  While searching the basement for the keys, officers located a large amount of cocaine, a firearm, and multiple temporary license plates.  The cocaine weighed just over a quarter of a pound (4.2 ounces).  Officers were able to identify the suspect, and detectives followed up regarding the stolen vehicles.

8/05/2023 at 2:24 PM - Person Armed – Shady Ridge Ln - Case # 23061723

Evening Watch officers were dispatched to the above location regarding a homeowner wanting several teenagers removed from her property.  Earlier in the day, officers were dispatched to Wallace Park regarding teenagers discharging firearms near the basketball court.  At the time, no suspects were located.  The homeowner who called about the teenagers on her property provided descriptions that matched the suspects in the earlier incident.  As officers arrived, the five subjects fled on foot in different directions.  Officers from Days and Evenings saturated the area and formed a perimeter.  One juvenile was apprehended by FTO Batzinger after a foot chase.  During his flight, he ditched a backpack and a Canik 9mm handgun in the woods.  A short time later, FTO Eustace observed a sweaty teen exit the wood line and enter an Uber.  He stopped the male, determined that he was involved, and apprehended him.  FTO Batzinger later searched the wood line where FTO Eustace observed the male and located a .40 cal Glock with a 30-round extended magazine.  A third suspect was identified, and the other two were not located.  FTO Batzinger charged the juvenile with obstruction and possession of a firearm by a minor.  He was transported to YDC.  The adult was charged with Obstruction, Tampering with Evidence, Loitering, and weapon law violation. 

5/03/2023 at 1:34 AM - Burglary - 6112 Mableton Pkwy(Suite 120) - Case # 23034880

Officers were dispatched to the aforementioned location regarding a burglary that just occurred.  A witness stated he saw a male dragging a bag from a business that had the front window smashed out.  Radio updated the officers on the description and arriving officers located the male, and a foot pursuit ensued.  Officers lost sight of the suspect around a house, and a perimeter was set up, and K9 was notified. As officers met with the business owner, video evidence showed that a female matching the clothing description of the male was seen breaking the glass and entering the business.  Officers again checked the surrounding area and located the female.  The female was arrested and charged with burglary and Criminal Damage to property.

Cobb County Camera Registry

The Cobb County Police Camera Registration program is a police/community video partnership that operates on a voluntary basis with homeowners, neighborhoods and business owners who own private video surveillance systems. We encourage both businesses and residents to register their cameras online by completing the form below.

This program is intended to let our officers know where cameras are active in the county in case a crime occurs. It is not intended for active surveillance, and officers will not have direct access to homeowners' cameras. Those who register a camera will be contacted if a crime occurs in the vicinity of that camera. Information provided by residents and businesses will be maintained in a secure database.

Fill out our Online Registration Form and find out more about the program.

Police Athletic League

Cobb PAL focuses on juvenile crime prevention through athletic and recreational activities for Cobb County’s high-risk neighborhoods, primarily in South Cobb. There are many ways that you can help, whether it be spreading the word, getting your children involved, volunteering your time and resources or donating money. If you wish to assist this worthwhile program and make a donation, visit Ways to Help.

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