South Cobb Aquatic Center

South Cobb Aquatic Center

Pool Schedule and Information

Closed: June 19, 2024 & July 4, 2024

 Please Note: Proper swim attire required and please read rules before arriving!!!

 Schedule: May 23, 2024 - August 3, 2024 

Activity Days Times
Water Aerobics      Monday -  Friday     10:00am - 10:50am
Water Aerobics      Monday - Thursday      6:00pm - 6:50pm
 Camps Only      Monday - Saturday     11:00am - 2:00pm
 Open Swim      Sunday - Saturday       2:00pm - 6:00pm   


A valid DRIVER'S LICENSE/STATE ID is required for all purchases (cash, credit and debit cards) No Exceptions!

  Children (ages 2-17) Adults (ages 18-54)  Senior (ages 55+)
Cobb County Residents $3.50 $4.50 $3.00
Non-Cobb County Residents $5.25 $6.75 $4.50

Summer Lessons Schedule:

Swim lessons for June 19, 2024  will have a make-up day on  June 24, 2024

Register online

No private lessons at this location.  You may check at these facilities (West Cobb, Mt. View & Central Aquatic Centers) for private lessons.

Birthday Parties: Saturday & Sunday 

Parties may only be booked in person starting on the following dates:

July 8                        for                 August 2024

August 1                 for                 September& October    2024

October  3             for                 November & December 2024   

December 2         for                 January & February 2025

February  3           for                  March 2025     

Room Availability (3:00pm - 4:00pm only)     

No Parties: April, May, June & July                        

Party Information

  • Designed for Small parties during open swim times  (20 guest including kids and adults)
  • Must reserve parties in person, sign party contract and show Valid ID
  • Cobb Resident Fee: $50 
  • Non-Cobb Resident Fee: $75
  • Party room fee non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Party Planner must pay admissions for all guest the day of the party upon arrival (Swimmer & Non-Swimmers)
  • Party room is for 1 hour no exceptions . Set-up ,cleaning and removal of guests should be done within the 1 hour reserved  time.
  • Maximum total shall not exceed 18 guest including kids and adults
  • Drop off, fax or email your guests list the day before your party
  • Children 5 and under must be accompanied into the water by an adult
  • No food or drinks can be taken outside the room
  • Table cloth decorations only! No other party decorations, no balloons or inflatable devices allowed
  • No alcohol allowed
  • All swimmers must wear proper swim attire (required)
  • Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis

Private Rental

No private party reservations for 2024 until further notice.

  Residents Non-residents
Facility Fee  (Credit/Cash) $150/hr $225/hr
Lifeguards Fee (Cash only) $80/hr $80/hr
Total  $230/hr $305/hr

Facility fee is due the day the reservation is made or 30 days prior to the date of your reservation and the lifeguard fee will be due in cash the day of the party upon arrival.   All parties are with a 2-hour minimum on Saturday and Sunday after Open Swim.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Dates and times will be only confirmed with a signed contract
  • Birthday Parties-Group Functions-Banquets
  • No advertisement or no admission fees allowed
  • Cobb County provides 5 lifeguards
  • Teenagers and adult parties require Security
  • No DJ’s but you may have a music device
  • Exceeding end time will be an additional hourly fee
  • All guests must follow the rules and guidelines of the facility
  • No balloons
  • Minimal decorations
  • Set up 30 minutes prior to start time and party must end at designated time
  • Facility clean up should begin 30 minutes prior to and completed by designated end time


Are you looking for a fun way to get into shape, while using the qualities of water? Buoyancy enables one to do aerobic exercise with minimum strain. Resistance of the water helps tone muscles and quickly build endurance. Movement of the joints is greatly improved in the water, making aqua-aerobics an excellent program for those with arthritis, back problems or other medical conditions.

For information regarding aqua-aerobics, contact us at (770) 739-3180.

Download the registration form and waiver

Spring Schedule: May 28 - August 1, 2024

Days Times
Monday - Friday 10:00am - 10:50am
Monday - Thursday    6:00pm - 6:50pm

Class Descriptions

Shallow water workout - Low impact, mid to high intensity to get blood flowing. A good aerobic workout with muscle toning.

Deep water workout - Enjoy a deep water workout that has no impact on the joints, yet high intensity to burn calories, very cardiovascular, add a little body sculpting and you have a total body workout.



  • $4.50 Per Class ($6.75 non-residents)
  • Ten Visit Pass $45.00 ($67.50 non-residents)


  • $2.00 Per Class ($3.00 non-residents)
  • Ten Visit Pass $20.00 ($30.00 non-residents)

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program

American Red Cross

South Cobb Aquatic Center offers a program to train participants to be safe and effective professional lifeguards.  For more information, call (770) 739-3180.

You must come to the facility and do prerequisite skills before registering.

Lifeguard Training Class: TBA