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Trails and Hunting

Trail System Map
Cobb County Trail System Map

Cobb's outdoor program offers many opportunities for you to enjoy nature. Educational programs are offered for all ages. Trails are available for hiking, jogging and cycling. Natural parks provide an opportunity to explore nature.

Whether you want outdoors for exercise, education or adventure, we have something just for you.

Trail Planning

Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) has several trail networks with proposals for a countywide system to connect major areas of the county. This network of trails accommodates pedestrians and bicyclists while providing transportation alternatives to ease congestion. Although portions of the trail system are recreational, they provide connectivity between cities, access to regional activity centers, and a healthy commuting option for travelers who wish to avoid the congestion of some county thoroughfares.

Trails located in Cobb County Parks

  • Al Bishop Complex  -  Natural surface 1.5 mile loop cross country trail about 10 feet wide. It winds through the woods, circles around the ball fields, shares the sidewalk and come back to the parking lot.
  • Allatoona Creek Park  -  32 miles of natural surface trails used for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Skip Wells Park  -  Short .2 mile natural surface fitness trail at the back of the lower parking lot.
  • Big Shanty Park  - 1.5 mile natural surface loop that starts and ends at the playground.
  • Cato Park  -  1/2 mile natural surface loop around the pond & through the woods.  For educational purposes only.
  • Clarkdale Park  -  1/2 mile natural surface loop that starts at the senior center.
  • East Cobb/Fullers Parks -  1 mile of trails with part being paved and part natural surface.  Part of the natural surface trail connects both parks via a bridge over Sewell Creek.
  • Fair Oaks Park  -  A short slate surface .4 mile trail.
  • Green Meadows Preserve  -  3 miles of open meadow and wooded natural surface trails.
  • Harrison Park  -  Several natural surface trails totaling 1 mile.
  • Heritage Park  -  1.7 mile trail of natural surface, boardwalk and graveled easement that travels from the parking lot off Nickajack & Fontaine Roads to The Silver Comet Trail.
  • Hurt Road Park -  Paved 1/4 mile walking path around the baseball fields.
  • Kennworth Park  -  Soft, natural surface .4 mile fitness trail that starts at the ball field and wraps around the back of the senior center.
  • Larry Bell Park -  Paved 1/4 mile walking track behind the Gymnastics Center.
  • Lost Mountain Park  -  1.2 mile slate trail wraps around  both softball complexes.  A 3.8 mile wooded natural surface trail that use the woods around the pond and softball hubs.  The trails are used for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Mabry Park - 1.2 mile slate trails through nature area.
  • Mud Creek Park  -  1/2 mile concrete track around the soccer fields.
  • Price Park  -  Several natural surface trails totaling 1 mile through the meadow & woods, & along the creek.
  • Rhyne Park  -  Short .2 mile natural surface fitness trail.
  • Silver Comet Trail  -  Paved 12.8 mile trail with additional 1/4 mile equestrian trail at the Florence Road Trailhead. 
  • Stout Park  -  1.0 mile natural surface (unmarked) equestrian trails throughout the property.
  • Sweat Mountain Park  -  Multiple natural surface trails totaling .4 miles running through the property.
  • Wright Environmental Education Center  - Two natural surface, wooded,  loop trails that total .6 miles.  For educational purposed only.

Silver Comet Trail

Printable Trail Map

Silver Comet Trailhead bike shop

Please note that Cobb County has installed additional trail markers along Silver Comet Trail as well as other trails within the County.  More information can be found on the new markers in the links below.

Cobb YouTube video on the Trail markers

Cobb announcement/notification of the new markers on silver Comet Trail

Cobb’s section of the Silver Comet Trail is a scenic 12.8-mile multi-use paved trail that begins in Smyrna and travels west through southern parts of the county. The trail follows the abandoned railroad line once traveled by the Silver Comet passenger train. The Silver Comet passenger train was introduced by Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1947. Originally fitted with an observation car and sleep lounge cars, it carried passengers through southern cities like Atlanta and Birmingham to destinations in the north such as New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

As passengers traveled across the countryside, they were treated to a variety of scenic vistas. Today the rail has been converted by Cobb Department of Transportation into a multi-use trail that is designed for use by all. Casual walkers, hikers, joggers, bicyclists, inline skaters and people with disabilities can all use the trail and enjoy the same sights once reserved for the train’s passengers.

Traversing six trestles and bridges, the trail offers spectacular views and direct access to Heritage Park, a natural park that includes approximately 105 acres with 14.3 acres of wetland in four separate sites. Visitors can follow the 1.7-mile walking trail to the remains of a woolen mill.

The trail will ultimately extend 57 miles through Cobb, Paulding and Polk counties, and current plans call for this section to link with other trails and allow direct access between Atlanta and Birmingham.


Four trailheads have been constructed offering parking, restrooms, water fountains and related amenities. The trailheads are excellent places to access the trail and begin your adventure. They are open from dawn to dusk. For individuals who reside close to the trail, it can also be accessed at numerous cross streets. Nearby residents are encouraged to walk or cycle to these locations.

The trailheads are located:

  • Florence Road - 3453 Florence Road, Powder Springs
  • Floyd Road - 4342 Floyd Road, Mableton
  • Heritage Park - 60 Fontaine Road, Mableton
  • Mavell Road - 4573 Mavell Rd SE, Smyrna
  • Concord Road - 140 Concord Road, Smyrna
  • Oakdale Road - 4160 Atlanta Road, Smyrna

Silver Comet Depot

In a building that used to serve as the old train depot, the Silver Comet Depot now offers Bicycle/Skate rentals, accessories and concessions. The Silver Comet Depot is located at the Floyd Road Trailhead (4342 Floyd Road, Mableton). Call the Silver Comet Depot at (770) 819-3279 for more information.

Safety and Etiquette

The Silver Comet Trail is one of the top trails in the country. What was once was used for train travel is now utilized by casual walkers, hikers, joggers, bicyclists, inline skaters and people with disabilities. With such a diverse group sharing the trail, please keep follow these safety tips so your use of the Silver Comet Trail will be an enjoyable one:

  • Be courteous and respectful to other users.
  • Stay on the trail surface.
  • Respect the privacy of adjacent landowners.
  • Travel in a consistent and predictable manner.
  • Keep right as you use the trail. Pass on the left and give a courteous and audible signal of your intention to pass.
  • Stop, look and yield to traffic at crossings.
  • Clean up your litter - help keep the trail clean for others.
  • Keep pets leashed.
  • No alcohol, or drugs.
  • Cyclists and skaters should wear helmets.
  • Use the buddy system.
  • Use the trail only during daylight hours.

Although a special bicycle unit of the Cobb County Police Department enhances trail security, visitors are encouraged to use the buddy system and ride, walk or jog in pairs or groups.

For more information regarding the Silver Comet Trail, contact John Purcell at (770) 528-8825.

Allatoona Creek Park

Corps Property

5690 Old Stilesboro Road
Acworth, GA  30101

Located in the northwest portion of Cobb County, this property consists of 1450 acres leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Large open fields give way to forest as the property connects to Lake Allatoona. Two creeks (Little Allatoona & Big Allatoona) merge as you near the lake. The property is home to a vast array of wildlife as ground nesting birds, birds of prey, deer, fox, bobcat and other mammals as well as reptiles reside on site. The land is managed to accommodate all species of wildlife with archery hunting for deer allowed during season. The park is open for public use except during hunting season.

Among these 1450 acres are several wetland areas. These wetland areas are of vital importance to the diverse fauna and flora that calls this property home.

The Allatoona Creek Park Trail System currently includes over 40 miles of multi-use trails. Trails include Rusty Bucket, Mason's Bridge, Driftwood, Wildcat, Fern Gulley, Free Candy, Lil Badger MumboJumbo, Voodoo, Hocus Pocus, Turtleback, Red Barron and Whipper Snapper.  The park also contains 3 downhill flow trails:  Mo Flo, Knuckle Sandwich and Medusa. There is also a pump track and skills section that connect to the park through Pitner Rd Park.  Difficulty levels range between beginner (Rusty Bucket), and advanced (Hocus Pocus). The park has a centralized running trail that is mostly flat gravel and grass.  This trail is used for several high school XC races.

Plans are underway to add 5 more miles of trail in the next year.  The Allatoona Creek Greenway is in early planning phases that will connect Allatoona Creek Park to Price Park.

Trail direction changes daily. Please check signs at each trailhead. Trail may close due to wet conditions.


For information regarding this park, contact John Purcell at (770) 528-8825.

Trail Descriptions

Turtle Back Connector - .4 Miles (Beginner)

The Turtle Back Connector is a double track bi-directional flat trail that starts out of the main parking lot and crosses Old Stilesboro Rd. The trail features two large bridges that cross Little Allatoona Creek and a section of wetland that houses nesting Herons.

Turtle Back Loop - 4 Miles (Intermediate)

The Turtle Back Loop is a fast flowing single track trail with fun features and a few tight turns thrown in to keep you on your toes. The trail attributes include: several rock features, multiple bridges, berms and dips. The degree of difficulty is beginner/intermediate. The Turtle Back Loop has beginner elevations with intermediate features making it a good choice for beginners with improved skills and conditioning.

Turtle Back Spur - 1.3 Miles (Intermediate)

The Turtle Back Spur is 1.3 mile loop that extends off the Turtle Back Loop. The spur has more elevation than the loop with faster flowing sections and heart pumping climbs.

Rusty Bucket Loop - 1 Mile (Beginner)

The Rusty Bucket is relatively flat single track trail that has lots of tight and twisty sections that weave in and out of a new growth pine thicket. The trail gets its name from the hundreds of old paint buckets that were found when building the trail.

Mason's Bridge Connector - .4 Miles (Beginner)

The Mason's Bridge Connector joins the Rusty Bucket and Mason's Bridge Loop. This trail is a double track sewer easement that parallels Allatoona Creek and travels under the Bridge on County Line Rd.

Mason's Bridge Loop - 5 Miles (Intermediate)

Mason's Bridge is a fast flowing single track trail with lots of dips and turns. The trail borders a large wetland and multiple rock outcroppings. The trail is made up of two loops, the first loop is 3 miles and the second loop is 2 miles

Whipper Snapper - 1/2 Mile (Expert Only)

Whipper Snapper is a 1/2 mile skill trail that features expert features such as: rock gardens, rock crawls, ladder bridges, log rides, drops and gap jumps.

Hunting Information

Allatoona Creek Park allows bow hunting for deer during hunting season by permit only.  Permit registration for 2024 will begin on July 13th at 10:00am and end when 200 permits have been issued. Permit fee is TBD and is due at registration.

Register for a permit online



For more information contact John Purcell at (770) 528-8825.