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Embark on an Adventure with Bluey and Dewey Trivia Contest

a pinkish background with a pattern of small paw prints, in the middle are two large paw prints, one light blue and the other light orange
May 20, 2024

Cobb County families, get ready for an exciting adventure! Join us from June 1 to July 1 for the Adventures with Bluey and Dewey Trivia Contest, presented by Cobb County Public Library and made possible by Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre's ArtsBridge Foundation.

What's Happening? 

Uncover trivia questions hidden with Dewey's and Bluey's paw prints across all 15 library locations and the Cobb Library Bookmobile. Children can answer trivia to earn stamps from Library staff and enter for a chance to win four (4) free tickets to Bluey’s Big Play show at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, July 13 or Sunday, July 14.

How to Participate  

  1. Pick up a "library trivia passport" from any library location and start hunting for paw prints. Each Cobb County Library plus the Cobb Library Bookmobile will have one trivia question. Look for the paw prints! 
  2. Fill out your library trivia passport with your trivia answer and receive a stamp from library staff. 
  3. Collect three stamps and submit your trivia passport to library staff for a chance to win free tickets to Bluey’s Big Play show. Make sure to fill out the bottom of your passport before submitting!


Only one trivia passport entry per child. Open to children and teens up to age 17.

Don't miss this chance for family fun and learning in Cobb County! Join us for an adventure with Bluey and Dewey that you won't forget.

Even if you don't win, save 20% on tickets on Ticketmaster using code: ADVENTURE