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Keep Cobb Beautiful is hosting an online Recycling BINGO game!

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June 7, 2021

How to play:

  1. Save or print a copy of the current BINGO card.
  2. Get five in a row in any direction on the BINGO card by recycling the items or completing the challenges in each box. If you want to learn more about how items can be recycled, or about recycling challenges such as “Donated an item” or “Completed an up-cycling project”, check out the Recycling BINGO Information Sheet.
  3. Take pictures of the items or actions you used to get BINGO
  4. Once you get BINGO, use our form to send us your results. Make sure you upload all 5 pictures of the items or actions that you completed to get BINGO, and tell us what squares you used to get BINGO.
  5. A new BINGO card will be released each week! Get BINGO as many times as you can to increase the chances of your name being drawn to win cash prizes.

Each time you get BINGO, you will be put into a weekly drawing to win $25. Each week, 3 winners will be drawn.

At the end of the 4-week BINGO game, 2 final Grand Prize winners will be drawn. All BINGO winners will be put into the Grand Prize drawing, even if you previously won a $25 prize. This means the more times you play and get “BINGO”, the more likely you are to win $25 each week you play, AND to win a Grand Prize of $100! How many times can you get BINGO?

Recycling Bingo Card Term Information

Wondering what the BINGO card terms stand for?

Read our list of definitions

Remember, when you recycle your items, be sure they are clean and free of food residue! Visit our Recyclable Items page to learn more about recycling in Cobb County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to clean our recyclables before putting them in a recycling bin?

When a recyclable item like glass food jar, metal can, cardboard, etc. has food residue or other stuff on it, it contaminates the whole batch. This means that if you have a whole truck load of clean plastic bottles, and one them still has milk in it, it can ruin the entire truck load of plastic!

Q: Where can I find out what is recyclable?

Visit our Recyclable Items page to find out how to recycle in Cobb County. If you still have questions, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 770-528-1135.