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Cobb County 2023 NGE LIST Published

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July 21, 2023

The state of Georgia is conducting routine and legally required updates to Georgia’s voter records as part of the non-election year list-maintenance process. State and federal law requires Georgia election officials to properly maintain voter registration records, which commonly includes proactive measures when a lawful voter has died or moved to a different address. Georgia law specifically provides for the removal of voter registration records that have been in an “inactive” status for two general elections and have failed to update their records within that time.

Cobb County contains a total of 9,579 NGE voters.

Possible Reasons to be Included on the 2023 NGE List:

  • Returned Mail:
    • A county that receives returned election mail from the Post Office 
      • The county will update the voter records that mail was returned as undeliverable, or if the voter no longer lives at that address
      • A return mail confirmation notice is sent to the voter to update the residence and mailing address
      • If the voter does not return the notice within 40 days, the record is moved to Inactive status
  • National Change of Address: A voter failed to respond to an NCOA confirmation
  • No Contact: If a voter does not have any contact with the county office which includes voting, signing a petition, sending in a voter application or confirmation notice for more than five years
    • If no response is received, the voter is moved to Inactive status for the reason of No Contact. 

Verify your voter registration status on the Secretary of State's My Voter Page:

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