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Film Permitting

Video Camera next to tree with clouds in background

Cobb County is Camera Ready

Cobb County is home to a wide range of TV shows, movies and commercials, including:

  • The Gray Man (2022)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)
  • The Beanie Bubble (2022)
  • Willy’s Wonderland (2021)
  • Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses (2019)
  • Finding Steve McQueen (2019)
  • Cobra Kai (2018)

Film Application

Download the Cobb County Film Permit Application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When/Where do I need a film permit?

A film permit is required for any filming in unincorporated Cobb County on public property or in any Cobb County facility.


Are film permits required for student projects?

Yes.  Students applying for a film permit shall supply a written certificate from the school of their attendance which shall state that they are bona fide and currently enrolled students of the school.


How long does it take to get a film permit?

Issuance of a film permit may take up to ten (10) business days depending on the applicant's unique circumstances. Please consider the time needed for review by other departments, legal review, payment, and other factors.


Can a film permit be expedited?

Yes. Any film request received within seven (7) business days or less of the filming date requires a $500.00 expedite fee at the time of submission.


Does the County provide officers for security or traffic control at filming locations?

No.  On-duty officers will not be provided to handle security or traffic control at a filming location.  On-duty officers will respond to calls for service as needed.  An example would be a traffic crash that occurs on set, officers would be dispatched to the location to investigate the crash. 

Does every film permit require off-duty police officers?

No.  Off-duty officers are not required to obtain a film permit to film in unincorporated Cobb County. 

Off-duty Officers are needed if the filming requires:

  • Partial or full road closure
  • Traffic control 
  • Crowd control
  • Police escort or security

Contact the Cobb Police Special Operations Commander at (770) 499-4171 for additional information.

What is the hourly rate for off-duty police officers?

It depends. Rates vary depending on officer availability which is affected by the number of other available off-duty opportunities for officers.  Some of these factors are major events, road construction, and other film projects which all compete for officers’ time.

Are there any other fees associated with employing off-duty officers?

It depends.  There can be set-up, coordination, and supervision fees depending on the conditions surrounding the location, number of officers utilized, and other factors.

Is Worker Compensation insurance required to employ off-duty officers?

Yes.  The company the officers work for will need to provide Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage.  This will be verified by signing and getting notarized a form furnished by the police department.  No work can commence until this form is submitted and approved by the police department.  This can hold up filming if not completed promptly.

Are there stipulations to hiring off-duty officers?

Yes.  There is a 4-hour minimum for pay purposes.  The officers will be guaranteed a minimum of fours hours of pay upon arrival or cancellation within the call window.  There is a 2-hour call window. Officers will be notified of a scheduled shift cancellation a minimum of two hours prior to the start of the shift, or the officer will be paid the minimum number of hours. 

Will officers ignore criminal law or ordinance violations while working on-set?

No.  Officers are required to enforce all applicable state laws and county ordinances.

Additional Questions?

For the Film Permitting rules and regulations, please review the Cobb County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Article 5, Section 2-180.