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Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office
10 East Park Square, Ste 500
Marietta, GA 30090

(770) 528-8500
(770) 528-8590 (Fax)

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Makia Metzger, Solicitor-General

Name Email Address
Bart Glasgow, Chief Assistant Solicitor-General
Tad Keller, Sr. Deputy Chief Assistant Solicitor-General
Tom Campbell, Deputy Chief Assistant Solicitor-General
MuhsinAh Hassan,  Executive Secretary

Support Staff

Solicitor's Office Staff



Phone Number

Email Address
De Borah Johnson (770) 528-8501  
Jessica Tankersley (770) 499-4136

Team Updates

New Solicitor Swearing In:

Swearing In


Welcome Our New Staff    

Justice Crawford, Legal Admin

Justice is a new employee in the Solicitor’s office! He was born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta. He graduated from Howard University and is also planning to go to law school to pursue entertainment law.

Ashley McDonald, Assistant Solicitor General

Ashley is a prosecutor that handles a variety of matters, with an emphasis on criminal misdemeanor charges. Prior to admissions to the Georgia Bar in 2022, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kennesaw State University.  She began her professional career as a probation officer and then later as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney, where she gained invaluable skills and knowledge to help clients during difficult times. While working full-time, Ashley later continued her education at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.  While in law school, Ashley served as an intern with the Paulding County Public Defender’s Office where she assisted clients with resolving their cases. Ashley joins the Cobb County Solicitor’s Office after working as a Judicial Staff Attorney where she handled both civil and criminal matters. Her primary mission is to help those within the community in which she lives and to provide prosecutorial legal services that are fair, transparent, and forward thinking. Ashley currently resides in Paulding County and enjoys spending time with her family. In her past time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and travelling.

Pamela Foster, Legal Admin


Pamela has serviced the mortgage industry before retiring for over 25+ years by making homeownership a reality. After her service in this area, she wanted to pursue a career in assisting in the legal arena. She has served as an Admin specialist assisting the Attorney’s with their cases and working with the pretrial intervention program.  While she enjoyed her time there, an opportunity was presented to work in the community in which she resides. Her husband of 36 years has worked as a Police Detective certified with FBI task force in which he retired and now working as a bailiff for City courts in the honorable Judge Gaines room 3B.  To their union they have 2 adult children Anthony Jr. and Tanaira whom they are very proud to be their parents. Their family has advanced to gain a daughter-in-law Jamese and son-in-law Tahjz.  They are delighted to be grandparents of their inspirations CJ (20), Casey (14), Brian (8), Kato (4), Aadyn (3) and Aiken (1).  She is here to make a difference and to provide excellent customer service. 

Elizabeth Amosu, Legal Admin

Elizabeth is a Legal Admin for Judge Palmer. She is a Public Health graduate and hopes to pursue Public Health Law.


Debbie Lowe, Supervisor


Jalica Hickman, Judicial Administrative Technician



Felicia Grant, Mardehow- Assistant Solicitor General

Felicia is originally from Chicago, Illinois but lived most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. Her undergraduate degree is in English Education, and she received her Juris Doctorate from Mercer University School of Law. After being admitted to the bar in 2014, she was a Trust Advisor at a financial institution for emerging wealth clients. Felicia is excited to transition into a new practice area as an Assistant Solicitor General in Cobb County. She looks forward to making an impact and expanding her knowledge as a new prosecutor. During Felicia’s spare time, she enjoys volunteering, cooking, and reading a good book.







Traffic Courtroom

Courtroom Prosecutorial Team Phone Contact
1A Judge Ashley Palmer (770) 528-3027
2A Judge Jason Fincher (770) 528-8544
2B Judge Bridgette Campbell (770) 528-8535
2C Judge Marsha Lake (770) 528-8511
2D Judge Jaret Usher (770) 528-8510



Courtroom Prosecutorial Team Phone Contact
4A Judge Jane Manning (770) 528-8532
3B Judge John Morgan (770) 528-8513
3A Judge Allison Salter (770) 528-8548
3D Judge Carl Bowers (770) 528-8534
3C Judge Eric Brewton (770) 528-8512
4C Judge Maria Golick (770) 528-3006
4B Judge Diana Simmons (770) 528-8531

Courtroom Assignments

Division 1: Post 1 - Judge Allison Salter (3-A)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Kate Alexander (A-K) (770) 528-8558
William Patterson(L-Z) (770) 528-8519
Belinda Richard (Secretary) (770) 528-8548

Division 1: Post 2 - Judge Maria Golick (4-C)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Kell Randall(A-K) (770) 528-8537
Sarah Skinner (L-Z) (770) 528-8519
Elizabeth Shively (Secretary) (770) 528-8573


Division 1: Post 3 - Judge John S. Morgan (3-B)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Brittany Stocus (A-K) (770) 528-8560
Ahren Johnson (L-Z) (770)528-8593
Gen Perrin (Secretary) (770) 528-8534

Division 1: Post 4 - Judge Jane P. Manning (4-A)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Maggie Dixon (A-K) (770) 528-8597
Marlon Bull (L-Z) (770) 528-8589
Ashlyn Bennett(Secretary) (770) 528-8597

Division 1: Post 5 - Judge Eric Brewton (3C)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Sarah Coulter (A-Z) (770) 528-8561
Jennifer Marcus (Secretary) (770) 528-8542

Division 1: Post 6 - Judge Dianna Simmons (4-B)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Dustin Townsend  (L-Z) (770) 528-3053
Christina Broadway (A-K) (770) 528-8542
Mary Beth Carney (Secretary) (770)528-8586

Division 1: Post 7 - Judge Carl Bowers (3-D)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Diane Busch (A-Z) (770) 528-8569
Maria Jarman (Secretary) (770) 528-8581

Division 2: Post 1 - Judge Jason Fincher (2-A)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Thomas McCoy (A-K) (770) 528-3013
John Brumfield (L-Z) (770) 528-8571
Hannah McGarity (Secretary)

Division 2: Post 2 - Judge Marsha Lake (2-C)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Taneris Hill (A-K) (770) 528-8563
Griffin Halvorson (L-Z) (770) 528-8537
Lisa Roach (Secretary) (770) 528-8511

Division 2: Post 3 - Judge Jaret Usher (2-D)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Marcus Royal (A-K) (770) 528-8572
Diane Busch (L-Z) (770) 528-8558
Brooke Ward (Secretary) (770) 528-3027

Division 2: Post 4 - Judge Bridgette Campbell (2-B)

Name Phone Number Email Address
(A-K) (770) 528-  
Jennifer Johnson (L-Z) (770) 528-8503
Alia Yaqoob (Secretary) (770) 528-8587

Division 2: Post 5 - Judge Ashley Palmer (1-A)

Name Phone Number Email Address
Tracy Morgan (A-Z) (770) 528-8576

General Contacts

Cobb County Agencies

Agency Name Phone Contact
Cobb County Solicitor General’s Office (770) 528-8500 (Misdemeanor Prosecution)
Cobb County District Attorney Office (770) 528-3080 (Felony Prosecution)
Cobb County State Court Clerk (770) 528-1269
Chief Deputy Assistant (770) 528-8575
Cobb County Sheriff’s Department (770) 499-4600
Cobb County Sentence Enforcement (770) 528-6620
Cobb County Legal Aid (770) 528-2565
Cobb County Health Department (770) 514-2300
Cobb County Family Resources (770) 528-2601
Cobb Elder Task Force (770) 794-6990
Temporary Protective Order (770) 528-8024
Misdemeanor Subpoena Questions (770) 528-8556
Cobb County Animal Control (770) 499-4136
Cobb/Douglas C. Community Service Board (770) 429-5000
Georgia Courthouse Locations  

Cobb County Police Department

Precinct Phone Contact
HQ Main (770) 499-3900
Precinct 1 (770) 499-4181
Precinct 2 (770) 499-4182
Precinct 3 (770) 499-4183
Precinct 4 (770) 499-4184
Precinct 5 (770) 499-4185
Find your precinct  

Municipal Agencies

Department Name Phone Contact
Acworth Police Department (770) 974-1232
Austell Police Department (770) 944-4331
Georgia State Patrol (770) 528-3251
Kennesaw Police Department (770) 422-2505
Marietta Police Department (770) 794-5300
Powder Springs Police Department (770) 943-1616
Smyrna Police Department (770) 434-9481