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Renovated recycling drop-off center now open for Cobb residents

Ribbon cutting at recycling center
October 15, 2023

October 13, 2023 - Studies show only 17 percent of Cobb households regularly recycle.  Cobb leaders would like to raise that to around 50 percent.  Chairwoman Lisa Cupid says reopening the County Services Parkway recycling drop-off center should entice more residents to practice recycling.

“Low availability of options leads to the low recycling rates,” the Chairwoman told the crowd at a recent ribbon-cutting. “So we have today improved the options available here in Cobb County.”

A group of county leaders, Keep Cobb Beautiful stakeholders, and residents cut the ribbon on a newly renovated recycling drop-off center now open for business. Cobb’s Board of Commissioners approved the $737,000 renovation of the recycling drop-off center earlier this year after residents complained of the old center's poor condition and limited options.

Leroy Walden was one of those who urged the county to improve the center.  “It helps us not only save the environment, but it also helps us save money at home,” Walden said. “Having this drop point, we don’t have to pay the extra charge from our waste hauler, which is a big savings. So having this available and convenient to us is very important.”

“We can take a lot more items here at this drop-off than residents can leave for curbside for their regular recycling drop-off,” said Kimberly White, Keep Cobb Beautiful’s Director. “Here, we can take things like glass, textiles, and hard-to-recycle plastics like the Hefty Renew material. And if you live in multi-family homes or complexes where you don’t have the option to recycle these materials, you can bring them here to drop off.”

There is no charge for the service.  The 1775 County Services Parkway, Marietta, 30008 facility is monitored by West Rock Recycling and will be open for extended hours Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.