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Cobb's Chief Appraiser talks assessment appeals

Stephen White being interviewed
June 8, 2023

Cobb Chief Appraiser Stephen White interviewed with Fox5 today for a segment on this year’s Notice of Assessments that have most homeowners seeing increased valuation due to an “aggressive” real estate market.

White told the TV station:

  • Assessment appeals are up this year, but not by an overwhelming amount.
  • The 45-day deadline for filing an appeal is approaching for most, with the deadline date printed on the homeowner’s assessment.
  • The most successful appealers bring additional information and evidence to the hearing.
  • Most who appeal find doing it online through an easy process.
  • The assessment is based on the home’s value on January 1, 2023, and uses comparable sales from 2022.
  • The increases are not unique to Cobb County; they are being seen statewide, with counties to our north and west seeing larger assessment increases.
  • State law mandates that each county assess property values each year and do so accurately.  Failing to do so could bring penalties.
  • The Tax Assessor’s office will assist with questions on appeals.  Contact them at 770-528-3100, visit them in person at 736 Whitlock Ave, Suite 200, Marietta, or use the website at

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