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D4 Construction

March 10, 2023
construction workers on road

Construction projects

Austell Road Sidewalk (estimated completion date Spring 2024)

Bucker Road Sidewalk (substantially complete)

Church Road Sidewalks (estimated completion Fall 2023)

Hillcrest Drive Sidewalks from South Gordon Road to Six Flags Drive (estimated completion Fall 2023)

Mableton Parkway Pedestrian Improvements, Phase 1 (estimated completion Summer 2023)

New Macland Road (substantially complete)

Nickajack Road Railroad Quiet Zone (estimated completion Spring 2023)

Old Alabama Road Sidewalks (estimated completion Spring 2024)

Riverside Parkway at Premier Lane (substantially complete, final change order 02/14/23)

Windy Hill Road Boulevard Project (estimated completion Summer 2025)

District 4 projects in design

Anderson Mill Sidewalks (construction begins Spring 2023)

Austell-Powder Springs Rd Trail (concept study in progress)

Callaway Road Sidewalks (construction begins Spring 2023)

Chattahoochee River Trail (construction begins Spring 2023)

Riverside Parkway at White Road (intersection improvement project)

South Gordon at Pisgah Road (intersection improvement project)

James Road over Pine Creek (culvert replacement project)

White Boulevard Sidewalk (sidewalks from Floyd Rd to Woodward Circle)

Ewing Road Sidewalk (construction of sidewalk project)

Schaffer Road Sidewalk (sidewalk project)

Burrus Rd Sidewalk (right turn lane and sidewalks, sidewalk on east side of Veterans Memorial

Highway to Lakeside Drive)

East West Connector Corridor Improvements (corridor improvement project)

Veterans Memorial Hwy at Buckner Road (signal design and installation)

GDOT Project

SR 360 from New Macland Road/Cobb to SR 120/Paulding (scheduled completion Summer 2024)

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