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Safety Information

Corporate Programs

Corporate Cobb Programs include Fire Warden programs, fire evacuation planning and drills, and fire extinguisher training.

Submit a request for a corporate program using our request form.

Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe

Important information for keeping your kids safe in your vehicle and during activities.

Visit Safe Kids Cobb County for more information on how to keep your children safe. 

Public Place and Multi-unit Residence Fire Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety Tips

Important home safety tips for all family members to review and be aware of.

Homes with working smoke alarms reduce the risk of fire by half. Having a home escape plan in place along with identifying your family meeting place are also great practices to have.

Seasonal Safety

There are always seasonal safety tips we need to be aware of for all holidays.

Outdoor Safety Tips

Whether outside on the lake or camping in the back yard, here are several safety tips to be aware of.