Allatoona Creek Park

Allatoona Creek Park

About Allatoona Creek Park

(Formerly Corps property)

Located in the northwest portion of Cobb County, this property consists of 1450 acres leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Large open fields give way to forest as the property connects to Lake Allatoona. Two creeks (Little Allatoona and Big Allatoona) merge as you near the lake. The property is home to a vast array of wildlife as ground nesting birds, birds of prey, deer, fox, bobcat and other mammals as well as reptiles reside on site. The land is managed to accommodate all species of wildlife with archery hunting for deer allowed during season. The park is open for public use except during hunting season.

Among these 1450 acres are several wetland areas. These wetland areas are of vital importance to the diverse fauna and flora that calls this property home.

Hiking Trails

The park also has several miles of trails that are available for walking, jogging and mountain biking. There is also gravel parking area with a restroom facility available.

Turtle Back Connector - .4 Miles (Beginner)

The Turtle Back Connector is a double track bi-directional flat trail that starts out of the main parking lot and crosses Old Stilesboro Rd. The trail features two large bridges that cross Little Allatoona Creek and a section of wetland that houses nesting Herons.

Turtle Back Loop - 4 Miles (Intermediate)

The Turtle Back Loop is a fast flowing single track trail with fun features and a few tight turns thrown in to keep you on your toes. The trail attributes include: several rock features, multiple bridges, berms and dips. The degree of difficulty is beginner/intermediate. The Turtle Back Loop has beginner elevations with intermediate features making it a good choice for beginners with improved skills and conditioning.

Turtle Back Spur - 1.3 Miles (Intermediate)

The Turtle Back Spur is 1.3 mile loop that extends off the Turtle Back Loop. The spur has more elevation than the loop with faster flowing sections and heart pumping climbs.

Rusty Bucket Loop - 1 Mile (Beginner)

The Rusty Bucket is relatively flat single track trail that has lots of tight and twisty sections that weave in and out of a new growth pine thicket. The trail gets its name from the hundreds of old paint buckets that were found when building the trail.

Mason's Bridge Connector - .4 Miles (Beginner)

The Mason's Bridge Connector joins the Rusty Bucket and Mason's Bridge Loop. This trail is a double track sewer easement that parallels Allatoona Creek and travels under the Bridge on County Line Rd.

Mason's Bridge Loop - 5 Miles (Intermediate)

Mason's Bridge is a fast flowing single track trail with lots of dips and turns. The trail borders a large wetland and multiple rock outcroppings. The trail is made up of two loops, the first loop is 3 miles and the second loop is 2 miles.

Whipper Snapper - 1/2 Mile (Expert Only)

Whipper Snapper is a 1/2 mile skill trail that features expert features such as: rock gardens, rock crawls, ladder bridges, log rides, drops and gap jumps.

Allatoona Creek Park