South Cobb Community Center

Lions Park

About South Cobb Community Center

The South Cobb Community Center is ideal for your next large event. The center is located adjacent to Lions Park near Veteran’s Memorial Drive and is not far from the Mable House Arts Complex.

It has a decorative fireplace (no fires permitted) and a small stage.

The Community Center includes a kitchen equipped with an electric range, dual oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, sink, ice machine, counters and stainless steel preparation tables. There is a serving area outside of the kitchen that is approximately 23’x11’ (253 sq ft). There is a large serving window from the kitchen to the serving area.

USER CHECKOUT REQUIREMENTS *Signature acknowledgement needed upon arrival*

  1. Was setup included in reserved time?
  2. Ended rental by reserved checkout time?
  3. Washed off all counter and tabletops, sweeping up crumbs or spilled food, mopping as necessary.
  4. Emptied all utilized trash cans, putting trash bags in the dumpster located outside the building.
  5. As needed, removed all food items from the refrigerator and building.
  6. Put all tables and chairs back exactly as found upon entrance to the facility.
  7. Removed all materials brought into the facility prior to leaving.
  8. If alcohol was served, was an uniformed officer present?
  9. NO ADHESIVES (tape, stickers, or related items) or FASTENERS (tacks, staples, nails, or related items) of any kind were affixed to the walls, furniture, or floor.
  10. NO CONFETTI (Small Pieces or Streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material)

South Cobb Community Center