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Sustainability, Waste, and Beautification

Shovel Digging and Planting

Garbage Collection

Unincorporated Cobb County

Cobb County Sustainability, Waste and Beautification Department does not provide trash collection services. A host of private companies provide these services. Please contact your local Homeowner’s Association, your neighbors, or search the internet for companies that are available to serve your area.

Municipal Collection

Service Phone
Acworth Sanitation (770) 917-8903
Austell Residential Garbage (770) 944-4325
Kennesaw Sanitation (770) 421-8582
Marietta Environmental Services (770) 794-5595
Powder Springs Sanitation (770) 943-8010
Smyrna Sanitation (678) 631-5438

Waste Disposal

General waste disposal services are managed by Advanced Disposal Services.

Vegetative waste disposal (yard debris) services are managed by TAG Grinding Services.

For accepted items, disposal fees, and locations, visit the Waste Disposal page.

Notice: Vehicle loads causing litter

No person shall drive or move any vehicle within the county unless such vehicles are so constructed or loaded as to prevent any load, contents or litter contained therein from being blown or deposited upon any street, alley or other public place. Additionally, no person shall drive or move any loaded truck or vehicle upon any county road with direct ingress and egress to any solid waste disposal facility or site operated by the county unless such vehicle and the load therein is covered by canvas or other material providing complete coverage, properly secured, so as to prevent any load, contents or litter from becoming loose, detached or blown from the vehicle, or from dropping or escaping from the vehicle during the movement thereof.

Cobb County Code - Sec. 102-93

Garbage Hauler Permits

The Cobb County Code, Section 102 specifically defines the intent and purpose of the Solid Waste Ordinance. This section requires any garbage hauler who collects, transports, or stores solid waste to comply with the Solid Waste Ordinance. If you are a garbage hauler who does business in unincorporated Cobb County, you may be required to obtain a Solid Waste Permit.

For information concerning the permitting of garbage haulers in Cobb County, please email or call (678) 581-5488.


The Cobb County Sustainability, Waste and Beautification Department is under the Public Services Agency of Cobb County government. The department provides an integrated approach to the management of recycling, municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition waste (C&D), and vegetative waste handling and disposal.

The Sustainability, Waste and Beautification Department is comprised of the following divisions/units facilitated by County staff: Keep Cobb Beautiful; Maintenance of Landfills; Sustainability, Waste, and Beautification Administration; Hauler Permitting; Customer Service; Solid Waste Management and Compliance; Human Resources; Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Public Information; Budget; Business Services; and Procurement.

The Sustainability, Waste and Beautification Department oversees the following unit services that are outsourced and contracted to vendors: Recycling Center Operations facilitated by WestRock Recycling; Transfer Station and Material Handling Operations facilitated by Advanced Disposal Services (ADS); and Vegetative Waste Recovery Operation facilitated by TAG Grinding Services.

For information concerning the services or programs listed above, please email or call (678) 581-5488.


The mission of the Sustainability, Waste and Beautification Department is to provide leadership and support in overseeing the contracted daily operations of environmentally sound solid waste and recycling facilities; to provide waste reduction programs in accordance with local, state and federal regulations; and to promote stewardship of our communities through litter prevention, beautification, recycling and environmental education.