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Accounts Payable

bePaperless, Saving Green by Going Green

Cobb County Accounts Payable is one of the first departments to go paperless, currently we are about 95% paperless.  In 2015, Accounts Payable division of finance spearheaded a paperless initiative to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by taking the paper heavy division of payables and make them paperless with the help of the Electronic Content Management System Onbase. 

In less then 2 months Accounts Payable was paperless! Reduction in purchasing paper and other office supplies, and reduction in staffing when employees retired without reducing the level of service you still receive.  Accounts Payable also reduced the amount of paper checks from approximately 1500 per week to 200 with the introduction of EFT/ACH payments.

All forms once in paper form are all now digital versions of those forms and ingested into an open concept ECM system used County-Wide for complete transparency and ease of access to all payables.

Accounts Payable is responsible for: 

  • Vendor Payments through procurement process
  • Vendor Payments via Card processing
  • PCard Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Creation and Maintenance of Vendor Master files and compliance
  • Cobb Employee Travel booking and payment processing
  • 1099 IRS Tax reporting
  • Unclaimed Property governmental regulatory reporting
  • Countywide Accounts Payable Electronic Content Management System
  • Financial Payment Systems training for payables
  • Establishing and ensuring purchase and payment compliance