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'Why did I get a letter?'
March 7, 2023

On November 8, 2022, voters approved the referendum incorporating the City of Mableton on the General Election Ballot. Registered voters with residential addresses that now fall within the boundaries of the new City of Mableton have been mailed a letter by Cobb County Elections & Registration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question: Why were letters sent to Mableton voters?
  • Answer:  So that voters will know they live within the new city boundaries.
  • Question:  How many letters were mailed?
  • Answer:  53,041 – This includes both Active and Inactive voters.
  • Question:  What if the voter no longer lives at that address?
  • Answer:  If they moved prior to February 21, they are not eligible to vote in the March 21, 2023 election. However, the voter can change their address through the Secretary of State's My Voter Page or the election team can send a paper application to the new address.
  • Question:   What important information is in the letter?
  • Answer:  The letter contains the voter’s election day polling location and the city council district that will appear on the voter’s ballot.
  • Question:   Will new precinct cards be sent as well?
  • Answer:   In an effort to reach the voters quickly, we elected to send first-class letters. Precinct cards may be printed by the voter by logging onto the Secretary of State's My Voter Page.
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For additional information, contact Cobb Elections & Registration at:

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