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Cobb County Sheriff Candidate Disqualification REVERSED

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April 6, 2020

On March 26, 2020, Cobb County Board of Elections & Registration disqualified Gregory B. Gilstrap and Craig D. Owens as Democratic candidates for Sheriff. Both candidates have appealed the decision to the Superior Court. Today, the Board agreed to a consent order with Gregory Gilstrap that reverses the disqualification. Mr. Gilstrap’s attorney has presented a previous court order from 2004 showing that local legislation cannot be used to set the requirements for the office of sheriff, because it is a constitutional office in the State of Georgia. Since a similar matter has already been adjudicated, the Board agrees that the previous order would also apply in this case. In addition, Mr. Gilstrap has filed an amended affidavit designating a new chief deputy to correct the deficiencies found by the Board in the March 26 hearing.