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BallotTrax provides notifications when ballots are sent and received

September 6, 2022

Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the start of the absentee ballot request period (August 22 - Oct 28, 2022) for the General Election in November. He is reminding Georgia voters that they have access to BallotTrax, the online tracking tool that allows voters to monitor the status of their absentee ballots through the United States Postal Service.

Per the Secretary of State website, "Voters who register at BallotTrax will receive up-to-date notifications when their ballot is picked up by the USPS, when it is in transit, when it has been delivered to the election office, and when it has been accepted by county elections officials. Voters can choose to receive updates via text, email or phone. Keeping up with ballots step-by-step as they move through the mail system is designed to keep voters informed and increase voter confidence in the elections process." (Partnership With BallotTrax Adds Confidence and Convenience to Mail Voting | Georgia Secretary of State, 2022)

BallotTrax is available free of charge to all Georgia voters whose requests for absentee ballots have been processed by their counties. BallotTrax will also inform voters if their absentee ballots are rejected, which can occur if their IDs don’t match or voter registration information is missing. Voters can then correct problems.

Absentee ballots will begin to be mailed Oct. 11, as Oct. 10 is a federal holiday, and completed ballots must be received at county election offices before polls close on Election Day on Nov. 8.

Voters planning to vote by mail this year should visit BallotTrax to register and monitor their ballot status.

Visit My Voter Page, to verify polling locations, sample ballots and registration statuses.  This link also allows for address changes, should the need ever present itself.

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