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Juvenile Court Units

Court Administrator

Adolphus Graves, Juvenile Court Administrator

Mimi Morrison, Admin Assistant (770) 528-2271

The Court Administrator is responsible for assisting in the planning, directing and overseeing of non-judicial operations and staff of the Juvenile Court. The office of the Court Administrator is responsible for: the management of all court activities and programs, monitoring administrative court operations and financial functions, and participating in the development and implementation of goals and objectives for the Court. 

The Court Administrator communicates with Juvenile Court Judges and other officials concerning administrative and programming issues as presented.  As complex issues arise, process change recommendations are developed, considered, and implemented to ensure that the Court’s procedural guidelines are sustainably aligned with national, state and local best practice standards.

Administration Unit


Rita Evans, Intake Supervisor 
(770) 528-2241 
(770) 528-1049 (Fax)

The Intake unit of the Juvenile Court is comprised of one supervisor, three full-time intake officers, and two part-time intake officers. The Intake Officers handle the juvenile cases from the time the complaint is routed to them to investigate until the dispositional report and hearing are completed.

Many first offenders can be dealt with effectively through an informal process that addresses the complaint without a formal appearance before a judge. The informal programs include the Mediation Program and the Youth Diversion Program. If a case is to be handled formally, the officer will investigate the case by contacting the family, the police officer and the victim. A petition will be drawn and then reviewed and offered for filing by the Assistant District Attorney.

Once a child has been adjudicated delinquent or unruly, the judge will refer the family to the Intake Officer for assessment. A written report regarding the family history, and a recommendation for disposition is prepared by an Intake Officer for the dispositional hearing. That process requires the child and family to work closely with the Intake Officer to help the officer learn what issues caused the child to behave in a manner that brought him or her to the attention of the Court.

Court Therapists

Cicily Edwards, MA, LPC
(770) 528-2296

Valina Scotland, LPC
(770) 528-2276

Each of the Cobb County Juvenile Court's Therapists have a Masters Degree from an accredited university. The Therapists advise Court staff on mental health and behavioral issues as well as providing individual, family and group therapy for the Court's clients. The Family Therapists facilitate quarterly therapeutic groups designed for juveniles on probation and their parents. In addition, each Family Therapist provides specific services to their assigned unit.

Clerk of Court

Jennifer Lehr, Clerk of Court
(770) 528-2220
(770) 528-2561 (Fax)
(770) 528-2264 (Traffic Line)

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of all court proceedings, scheduling and sending notices to parties for court hearings including all traffic offenses. In addition, all court ordered fees, fines and restitution payments are received and disbursed by the Clerk.

The Clerk of Juvenile Court and the deputy clerks in this office are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. We can assist you with questions regarding any services this office can offer, however; we are prohibited from answering any legal matters or giving legal advice.

The Juvenile Court can accept payments in the form of cash, money order, personal checks, or credit cards (Visa & MasterCard only). We cannot accept credit cards for restitution payments. The Juvenile Court will only accept a credit card in person. The Juvenile Court will only accept a credit card from the authorized user with a picture ID.

Probation Unit

Name Title Phone Fax
June Blackwell Chief Probation Officer (770) 528-2274 (770) 528-3349
Nicole Teague Probation Supervisor (770) 528-2278 (770) 528-2208
Eunice Coley Probation Supervisor (770) 528-2251 (770) 528-2208
Sharon Mashburn Probation Supervisor (770) 528-1094 (770) 528-2208

June Blackwell, Chief Probation Officer

June Blackwell joins the Cobb County Juvenile Court with twenty two years of law enforcement experience.  She began in Cherokee County as a detention officer in 1999 and retired as a sworn law enforcement officer at the rank of Major from Pickens County. 

Blackwell obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership through Reinhardt University in 2011 and her Master's Degree in Justice Administration through Columbus State University in 2014.  Blackwell continues to enhance her education, most recently obtaining a Paralegal Certification through the University of Georgia in 2020. 

Probation Officers

A key element in assisting youth involved with the Court is probation. Children placed on probation, in most circumstances, will be supervised by a probation officer. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the client is following or abiding by the Court’s order. To accomplish this task officers become familiar with the family situation, school progress, and personal development of the child. They also assist the child in completing conditions of their probation such as community service, school attendance, and completion of groups. In some circumstances officers will perform drug screens on client to ensure they are following the Court’s order. It is important that the probation officer makes face to face contact with clients. Physically seeing a child helps the officer assess their progress on probation and hopefully provides a level of deterrence. By focusing on a broad range of the child’s life, officers can better assist them in completing the Court’s probation order.

Cobb County Juvenile Court’s probation unit provides a variety of options for the supervision of clients. In many circumstances, an officer assigned to their school district will monitor a child placed on probation. These officers develop working relationships with school officials, counselors, and teachers in an effort to provide the best possible environment for the child to be successful. Other options for supervision include the Gang Suppression Program, the CHINS Program, the Alcohol and Substance Use Program, and the Sexual Offenders Caseload. Each of these caseloads or programs provides specialized treatment and rehabilitation for children with specific needs. Providing a variety of options ensures children involved with the Cobb County Juvenile Court are given the best opportunity to complete their probation successfully.

Restorative Justice and Program Development Unit

Carlene Redmond
Court Program Administrator 
(770) 528-2286
(770) 528-2213 (Fax)