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Water Authority: Water Safe Despite Chlorine Smell

Quarles Water Treatment Plant
August 13, 2019

Some water customers in East Cobb may notice a slight odor Tuesday after a malfunction at the Water Treatment Plant on Lower Roswell Road.  Despite the odor, the water is safe to drink and use.  Leaving a cold water tap running could help dissipate the odor.

Here's a statement from the Cobb County Marietta Water Authority about what happened:

This afternoon, a malfunction in dilution of sodium hypochlorite at the Quarles Water Treatment Plant resulted in an overfeed of the disinfectant, with chlorine levels leaving the plant detected at slightly over 4.0 mg/L, a little over twice the normal level. Pumping from the plant was suspended for approximately one hour, and flushing from the major transmission lines leaving the plant is ongoing. As of now, samples collected at the flushing sites have shown chlorine levels only slightly higher than normal. Consumers, particularly in the vicinity of the Quarles Plant, may experience a temporary elevation in chlorine levels (detectable through smell and taste). Water is safe to use for all purposes, but customers may desire to flush their plumbing systems if chlorine levels are unpleasant.

CCMWA will continue to flush and monitor chlorine levels at several locations until assured that there are no further concerns with water quality, and will notify our wholesale customers if there are any significant changes.

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