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Update on Sterigenics Situation and COVID-19

picture of sterigenics exteriors
March 26, 2020

March 25

Chairman Mike Boyce issues emergency order to allow for temporary operations at Sterigenics.

Visit our Sterigenics page by clicking here for details.


Consistent with county code and internal county procedures, Cobb County officials plan to allow Sterigenics to conduct previously-delayed negative air pressure testing on their building.   This test does not involve the use of ethylene oxide and is not a prelude to the facility re-opening.

“We recognize that Sterigenics could assist the community in combating COVID 19,” said County Manager Rob Hosack.  “However, several critical steps must be completed before Sterigenics can safely reopen and comply with fire safety codes and other county ordinances as has been shared with Sterigenics.”

Sterigenics may conduct this testing in the next few days, the results of which will go to the state Environmental Protection Division officials who will then analyze the results.

Cobb County officials are waiting on the results of a third-party expert’s investigation into Sterigenics’ operation and how the facility can comply with the latest fire codes.

“We understand the gravity of the current situation,” Hosack said, “but we also need to ensure the safety of our residents and with that in mind we need to carefully move forward.”

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