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Report Your Flood Damage to Cobb Emergency Management

picture of storm damage outside a house
September 17, 2021

UPDATE - December 1 - The application portal has closed and the entries are being reviewed.

Reports of damaged homes and property continue to come into Cobb Emergency Management from last week’s torrential rainfall event. EMA continues to respond to reports, but now there is a tool to allow you to report damaged property directly to our emergency management teams.

Use this link to access the form:

Important things to remember:

  • This is only a reporting tool for the flooding event of September 8th.
  • If you have already spoken with a Cobb Emergency Management team please do not fill out another report.
  • This is only to report damage to “essential living spaces.” There were many reports of damage to yards, however, this report focuses only on residences.
  • The form will ask for a “Team Number/Name,” simply choose “other.”
  • Type in the address on the “Map Your Location” image
  • A picture representative of the damage is preferred.

The information gathered will be used for a report to GEMA after which any disaster declaration will be considered. If such a declaration is issued, we will contact those impacted.

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