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Members of Cobb County Travel to NY for Training to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Cobb team in NY for opioid epidemic training
November 17, 2019

Partners in the Cobb County Opioid Fatality Review Project, an initiative to combat the opioid epidemic in Cobb County funded by the US Department of Justice, Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program, are in Erie County, New York for training this week. Cobb County applied for and subsequently was awarded grant funds to participate in this technical assistance opportunity from Erie County, which is an area that has success in implementing programs for opioid response.

Members of the Cobb team include Dr. Jackie McMorris, Deputy County Manager, Cobb County Government, Jason Saliba, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, Cobb District Attorney's Office Dennis Thayer, Public Health Analyst / Opioid Coordinator, Cobb and Douglas Public Health Matthew Mize, Opioid Project Investigator, Cobb District Attorney's Office Joshua Liedke, Officer, Marietta Police Department Kevin Baldwin, Project Researcher, Applied Research Services

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