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Live Forum on Unified Development Code Scheduled

picture of a zoning map
December 3, 2021

Cobb County commissioners have recently received a series of emails about the proposed use of a “Unified Development Code” (UDC) to guide the county in future zoning and land use issues.  The UDC is a common tool used by governments across the country to bring various regulations into one master document to streamline procedures and avoid overlapping regulations.  To answer many questions raised by the potential use of a Unified Development Code in Cobb, there will be a live-streamed Q&A event on Wednesday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m.

“Currently the county has hundreds of pages of documents that regulate development in the county,” said Jessica Guinn, Cobb’s Community Development Director.  “Many of these regulations were written decades ago.  It is time to really take a fresh look at our standards and to streamline and improve the process.”

Many of the emails received by commissioners have misrepresented or misinterpreted the UDC’s function in county government.  Chairwoman Lisa Cupid wanted a forum to address some of these issues and answer questions about the Unified Development Code and how it will be used in Cobb.

“We have heard so many different views from our residents about what this is and what this means,” Chairwoman Cupid said.  “So we wanted to provide an opportunity for residents to hear exactly what this process is all about and the benefits it will have for taxpayers.”

Residents will have an opportunity to submit questions on this topic by emailing them to [email protected] or submitting them during the live stream on the county’s Facebook page.  An informational video and “Frequently Asked Questions” article have already been posted on the Cobb County website at  Please review this information before submitting your questions.

The live-streamed Q&A session can be viewed by watching the county’s YouTube Channel or on our Facebook page.  No registration is required.