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Elections discovers absentee by mail ballot error

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February 26, 2024

Cobb Elections and Registration workers are notifying 73 absentee-by-mail (ABM) voters they received the wrong ballot in a batch mailed out on Friday.  The problem came to light when a couple came to vote during advance voting on Monday and told poll workers they had received the wrong ballot in the mail.
Election workers immediately investigated and found that a processing error resulted in only republican ballots being sent out Friday, February 23. Of the 194 ballots issued that day, 75 of them should have been democratic ballots. 
The 75 ABM ballots incorrectly sent out have been canceled, and elections workers will notify the remaining 73 voters of the issue and mail them the correct ballots on Tuesday.
“We are happy this situation was found quickly,” said Elections Director Tate Fall.  “Our staff was able to pinpoint the issue, identify those who received the wrong ballot, and determine how to correct it.  We believe this processing error only impacted ballots issued on Friday, February 23rd.”
Anyone with questions concerning this or any other issue should contact the Cobb County Elections and Registration office at 770-528-2581 or