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Cobb's Tax Assessor Makes 2019 Digest Projections (Video)

Stephen White makes 2019 Tax Digest Predictions
April 11, 2019

VIDEO - Cobb County's Tax Assessor packs them in each year for his annual Tax Digest Projections. Stephen White says this year's projected digest increase is down, but still shows Cobb County is growing and has a vibrant business and residential real estate market. You can watch his presentation for yourself, but here are a few highlights;
• The tax digest is expected to grow by 5.5% in 2019. The growth was more than 9% last year.
• That growth rate is pretty much in line with Cobb County Financial Department's prediction while preparing for the FY20 county budget. Last year Finance underestimated the growth.
• For the first time, the average price of a house in Cobb County went over $300,000.
• The county's general fund does not benefit as much from residential property growth because more than half of the county's homeowners have the Floating Homestead Exemption. This freezes the taxable value when it comes to the general fund (the fund that pays for county operations) at the value when the homeowner applied for the exemption.

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