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Cobb's Board approves policy designed to slow speeders in neighborhoods

picture of car going over speed hump
May 31, 2024

Cobb residents upset about speeding traffic through their neighborhoods will have more options to get help, thanks to a recent revision of the county’s traffic calming plan.

The Board of Commissioners approved the revisions at its May 28, 2024 meeting.  The plan consolidates the Department of Transportation’s prior policies on speed humps and traffic dynamic speed display devices.  It lowers the speed thresholds on residential streets and allows residents to ask the county for help if 65% of residents sign a petition.

The policy dramatically increases the options available to the county to slow speed on roadways where most traffic significantly exceeds the posted speed limit.

Cobb DOT Director Drew Raessler told the board that his staff would receive the request, study the data, formulate a proposed solution, and then return it to the residents.  “We would coordinate with the community and say this is what the department recommends,” Raessler said. “We would ask if this would match what they think would work in their community, understanding they know their neighborhood better than we do.”

Once the department and the community formulate a solution, the proposal would be brought back to the Board of Commissioners for ultimate approval.