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Chairman Boyce Unveils FY20 Budget Proposal

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May 24, 2019

Chairman Mike Boyce revealed his proposed FY20 Budget this week, which includes his promise for employee pay raises and an additional pay raise for law enforcement personnel.  Boyce revised his budget proposal after receiving input from residents during his recent round to Town Hall meetings.

The increased tax digest and other factors will result in an additional $20 million in the upcoming budget compared to FY19 with no increase in the millage rate.

The budget calls for a 3% pay raise for county employees, some of whom have gone years without a raise.  On top of that, public safety including police, sheriff, and fire will receive an additional 2% under the Chairman’s proposal. 

Other proposed budget items include;

  • The county will implement a recruitment bonus of $2500 for certified law enforcement officers;
  • The county will make law enforcement officer contributions to the state supplemental pension plan for police, sheriff, and fire;
  • An increase in the county’s match in the employee hybrid retirement plan;
  • Money for Sunday library hours; 
  • A decrease in the water fund transfer, and;
  • Other departmental additions.

There is one unusual line in the budget that reads “Unfund 40 Police Officers and 40 Sheriff Officers.”  This line is in the budget because, under the current hiring schedule, these agencies will not be able to get to these positions in the upcoming fiscal year.  This does not mean these positions are being eliminated, only that they will not be filled in FY20.

The Chairman points out this is a working document and changes are likely to occur before the Board votes on it this summer.

Read the full budget proposal

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