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2019 Spring Community Recycling Event

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April 23, 2019

Each year, Earth Day, April 22, marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement and probably your annual spring cleaning. If you are spring cleaning this year, we want your stuff at this year's Community Recycling Event, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, April 27 at Jim Miller Park. This free biannual event is your opportunity to help our community. Download the flyer.

We will accept:

Hefty® EnergyBag®Plastics Program

All items must be clean and dry.  Accepting plastic shopping bags (any size), plastic straws, coffee stirrers, plastic bottle caps, foam egg cartons, foam peanuts, foam cups, foam plates, foam meat trays, plastic cutlery, bubble wrap, food storage bags, plastic dairy tubs & lids (such as yogurt, butter, cottage cheese containers), plastic food wrap, empty deodorant sticks, empty lotion bottles, plastic pet food/treat bags, and fruit/vegetable salad bags. No wax-coated containers.

On-site Paper Shredding

Please remove paper clips. Protect against identity theft by having your paperwork shredded by a locally-owned, licensed and bonded company.  Medical bills, statements, letters, checks, etc. is acceptable. No file folders, glossy paper, magazines, periodicals, newspaper, CDs, DVDs, binders, or books will be accepted.

Electronics (if it has a cord it is acceptable)

Computers (we recommend you remove the hard drive or have it wiped out), cell phones, VCRs, alarm clocks, treadmills, etc. There is  a $10 cash-only fee for each CRT television or CRT monitor.

Household Textiles

Gently used shoes, sneakers (tennis shoes), purses, clothing, decorative pillows, blankets, towels, sheets, functional car and booster seats with liners and restraints intact, etc.  No flip flops, rugs, carpeting, mattresses, or bed pillows.

Household Appliances

Stoves, microwaves, ovens, washer, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, grills, toasters, blenders, etc.

Lawn/Outdoor Equipment

Lawn mowers, chainsaws, etc.  Fuel must be removed and the tank must be dry.


Steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc.


Clean items only.  No size restriction.  If you have "packing peanuts" bring those in a separate bag for the Hefty® EnergyBag® Plastics Program.

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