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US Department of Transportation Announces Grant for Akers Mill Ramp

depiction of akers mill ramp project
June 7, 2021

US Department of Transportation Announces Grant for Akers Mill Ramp

The grant will green-light construction of long-sought-after I-75 express lanes exit

Marietta GA (July 23, 2019) | Commuters using the popular I-75 Express Lanes will soon have direct access to the Cumberland area after US Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao announced a $5 million grant for the Akers Mill Ramp project.

The federal grant will be combined with money from Cobb County, the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Cumberland CID, and the State Road & Tollway Authority to complete the nearly $20 million project.

“The fact that so many groups are working together demonstrates how essential this ramp is for the continued economic prosperity of the county,” said Cobb County Chairman Mike Boyce.  

“The federal grant is appreciated, and I would like to thank all of those in our congressional delegation for helping make this happen.”

The Akers Mill Ramp will link up with the southern end of the Express Lanes to provide direct access to Akers Mill Road and the Cumberland area.  Currently, the lanes do not provide easy access to Cumberland for the estimated 100,000-plus commuters who drive in and out of the area. Drivers who exit the lanes and want to make the Cumberland Road exit face a perilous quick five-lane merge.

Cobb County Department of Transportation Director Erica Parish says with much of the preliminary work for the ramp completed, construction on the ramp itself could now start in 2021.

“This grant award is a huge win for Georgia,” U.S. Representative Lucy McBath said. “As someone who travels through this area each week, I am thrilled to help increase safety and reduce travel time in our area. This project will also provide greater economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for people living and working in Georgia’s Sixth District. My office will continue to work across the aisle to bring home federal dollars that fund exciting initiatives like this.”

Construction of the ramp is considered Phase 2 of a larger project and will be funded from the following sources:

$3.1m - Cumberland CID committed

$4.0m - Cobb County (via SPLOST) committed

$1.5m - State Road & Tollway Authority (via GTIB) committed

$6.0m - Atlanta Regional Commission (via STP) committed

$5.1m - US DOT Infrastructure For Rebuilding America Grant


$19.7m - Total Commitments & Sources


NOTE:  A depiction of the Akers Mill Ramp can be downloaded here:

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