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Solicitor General Metzger Mock Trial Students Visit GA Supreme Court

Mock Trial Students arrive Supreme Court
July 10, 2024

On a day that President Biden and former President Trump came to the city of Atlanta for a Presidential debate, so did nine middle and high school students take part in the Cobb Solicitor General Metzger’s Mock Trial Camp. 

Boarding their van at Marietta Square, the students accompanied by their chaperones headed downtown for a tour of the Nathan Deal Judicial Center also known as the Georgia Supreme Court.  

High temperatures brought the sweltering heat, but even the heat could not prevent these excited students from entering the coolest & highest court in the state of Georgia. 

Met by their tour guide in the front lobby when they arrived, the students listened intently on the history of the brand-new Nathan Deal Judicial Center where the Supreme Court of Georgia and The Georgia Court of Appeals are held.

The structure of the 224 thousand square foot building, which cost 131 million dollars to build captured the eyes of all who attended the once in a lifetime experience.

After observing the beautiful spiral staircase, the students learned that Court of Appleals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia review appeals of decisions in the states trial courts.

The students wore robes of previous Justices, had pictures taken and all participated in a mock oral argument scenario that was set up by the tour guide.  The students played different roles and embraced the vision that they could become anything if they set their minds to it.

The students thanked the chaperones for the trip as they began to leave and as they traveled back north on the highway, they imagine the power of their experiences as they witnessed the police blocking the highway so cars could not travel as the President of the United States arrived for his debate. 

Dreams can be reality more than one student believes on their way back to the Solicitor General’s Office.