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Pet Waste

Pick it up pal
Dog on a walk

Pet Waste is a known source of E. coli bacteria (and other pathogens) in local streams. We encourage pet owners to Pick It Up for community health. To help, we have installed pet waste disposal stations at local parks, provide free pet waste bag dispensers upon request, and recognize canines whose owners are “doing their doodie” and signing our Pick It Up Pal Pledge.

Pick It Up Pal Pledge

We, pet and pet owner, pledge to keep our rivers, streams, and lakes healthy by:

  • Promptly picking up pet waste
  • Disposing of pet waste in a garbage can
  • Remaining on leash in public
  • Staying on trails
  • Avoiding contact with wildlife

Register Your Pet as a Pick It Up Pal

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Check out the pups that took the pledge!

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