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Wastewater Lift Stations

Workers working on Lift Station Pump

In Cobb County, our collection system is designed to maximize the use of gravity to transport our wastewater (sewage) from homes and businesses to the water reclamation facility (wastewater treatment plant). Using gravity to transport wastewater does not require electricity, making this a fiscally efficient method.  In some areas, typically where the landscape is steep, it is necessary to pump the wastewater up and over a hill.  Facilities designed to pump wastewater (sewage) from lower to higher elevations are called wastewater lift stations.  

Cobb County has 38 lift stations in operation to help move wastewater to the treatment plants. These stations include emergency equipment to operate during power failures. Like the 2,800 miles of pipe in the collection system, lift stations require ongoing maintenance to ensure continual operation.  Repair and replacement of equipment is conducted on an ongoing basis.