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Leak Detector Loaner Program

Leak Detector Loaner Program
June 6, 2022

Think you might have a leak? Have a higher than normal monthly usage amount and wondering where your water is going? Cobb County Water System will loan CCWS customers a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor for up to 90 days to track your real-time water use. The Flume Water Sensor straps around your existing water meter and sends real-time water usage information to the Flume Bridge, even separating indoor use from outdoor use.  No cutting of pipes or plumbing is needed.  The sensor straps easily around the water meter at your property and communicates water use in real-time to the Flume app through a WiFi bridge. In order to qualify for this program, you must:

Be a Cobb County Water System residential customer. You pay your bill directly to CCWS.

Have Wi-Fi at your property and have a smartphone (iOS or Android) or other mobile device compatible with the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor.

Be willing to download the Flume app onto your phone.

Be able to plug the Flume Bridge into a power outlet inside your home and be able to connect it to your property’s Wi-Fi. This process is similar to the installation of other smart home technology.

You are the water account holder of the property where the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor will be installed and have authority to track the water usage of the property where the device will be installed.

Customers participating in this program must meet in person with CCWS staff to check out and to return the device. Failure to return all parts contained in the loaner kit by the due date will result in a $300 charge to your water account.

To schedule an appointment, please click here.  A CCWS employee will be in touch to schedule the appointment.