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Georgia Model Water Tower Competition 2021

May 29, 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020-2021 - Cobb-Marietta Model Water Tower Competition...

The Model Water Tower Competition (MWTC) is a fun, science-oriented contest aimed at introducing middle school students to the water and engineering professions. The competition challenges students to design and build a water tower with specific size, height, and functional requirements. This year’s competition featured the top 3-6 water towers from four schools: Barber Middle School, East Cobb Middle School, Cooper Middle School, & Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.

The water towers were judged based on three categories: hydraulic efficiency, structural efficiency, and design ingenuity. The students themselves were also judged in a 4th category: Interview and Presentation. For this category, the students presented their tower to a panel of three professionals within the water industry. This year’s judges included: Eric Olson (Division Manager of Engineering and Records at Cobb County Water System); John S. Lamica (Transmission Division Manager at Cobb-Marietta Water Authority); and Kim Holland (Director of Water & Wastewater at Marietta Water & Power). During the interview, students had to demonstrate their knowledge of water towers, water infrastructure, and the importance of water to society more broadly.

  • 1st place winner:  Team Soda Pops (Cornerstone Prep)
  • 2nd place winner:  Team Lone Hawk (Cooper Middle School)
  • 3rd place winner:  Team BLM (Cooper Middle School)
  • 4th place winner:  Team Chocolatiers (Cooper Middle School)
  • Superlative winner for Outstanding Presentation/Judges’ Choice:  Claire Weed of East Cobb MS
  • Superlative winner for Structural Excellence:  Wyatt Roberts of Cornerstone
  • Superlative winner for Outstanding Achievement in Artistic Design:  Brandon Gonzalez Angel of Cooper HS
  • Superlative winner for outstanding achievement in Engineering Design:  Elijah Power of Barber MS

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