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Cobb Water In Action

CCWS CS Office Expansion
April 22, 2021

Cobb Water Customer Service office has been expanded to better serve the growing customer base.  Click to read more...

Cobb County Water System’s Customer Service Division has recently completed a remodel project to accommodate the growth in resources needed to meet the expanding customer base.   The call center area has three primary functions: the call center (phone bank), the cash room (payment area), and the Field and Customer Support group (providing all functions that support both the call center and field services).  In the past, the call center and field and customer support were both housed in the call center.  The division needed more space to accommodate staff and to ensure teams could be in the same area to better collaborate.  The space previously used for Customer Service administrative staff and communications was redesigned for the Field and Customer Support group.  This group’s work is detailed and paper-based, not phone-based.  The team and their supervisor were previously separated.  The new design brought that team together and provided a quiet working area where they can better concentrate and work together.  This freed up space in the call center and cash room for staff, materials, and a secure room for balancing receipts at the end of the day.  In both areas, there is now room to add additional staff if needed as Cobb’s customer base continues to grow.

Click here to view the before and after photos of the renovation.