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Cobb Water In Action

September 30, 2019

View employees protecting and supporting residents in our action albums showcasing CCWS staff commitment to exceptional service.

Aquatic Biologists Erin Feichtner and Will Commins, of the Stream Monitoring Program, investigate the health of aquatic ecosystems through water quality and biological sampling.  Biological assessments of fish communities are a valuable tool for understanding watershed impacts to stream health. The presence and relative abundance of fishes in a stream reach is determined by utilizing backpack electrofishing techniques. Fishes are temporarily stunned by a field of electricity produced by an electroshocker operated by a trained professional.  Additional Water System staff and partners from Kennesaw State University assist with collecting, identifying, and gathering biological data, before returning the fish into the stream.  The Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides Cobb County with the proper fish sampling protocol and permits for these assessments.

In the summer of 2019, the Stream Monitoring Program completed fish assessments at: Allatoona, Butler, Little Allatoona, Little Noonday, Proctor, and Noonday Creek. Click to view photo albums of fish monitoring conducted over summer 2019.