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Cobb Water In Action

RL Sutton Teamwork
December 3, 2019

View employees protecting and supporting residents in our action albums showcasing CCWS staff commitment to exceptional service.

Teamwork in action!

Our maintenance staff at one of our four wastewater reclamation facilities (WRF), the RL Sutton WRF have been quite busy making sure equipment and machinery are functioning properly.  On November 6, the maintenance staff teamed up with the operational staff to replace and install a large and extremely cumbersome screen, and all ancillary equipment that was connected to the rotostrainer, a piece of equipment that processes scum from the primary clarifiers.  The next day, the team replaced a stormwater recycle pump that was recently rebuilt by the pump shop because it was no longer working efficiently. The pump captures rainwater from the plant's drainage system and sends it back to the lift station to be processed through the plant.  Click here to see the staff working hard in our photo gallery.