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Cobb Water In Action

Rain Garden thumbnail 2020
June 15, 2020

 A healthy rainy season and COVID closures cause a bloom at Cobb’s Wildlife & Rain Garden.  

While volunteers were forced to stay away during limited operations and COVID closures, the Wildlife & Rain Garden experienced a heavy burst of growth. Unfortunately, much of that growth was weeds. Without our amazing crew of volunteers who usually tend to the garden each week, water system staff jumped in to remove the overgrowth and restore the garden to its preferred condition. However, the work in a growing garden is never complete. If you’d like to volunteer and participate in a functioning pollinator habitat and rain garden that applies non-chemical gardening techniques, our Thursday morning workdays are planned to resume in July. For more information, subscribe to our garden blog at We’re in peak bloom! Stop by and stroll the trails.

Rain Garden clean-up before and after photos.