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Rain Barrel Make & Take Workshop


A rain barrel is a rainwater harvesting system that is connected to a downspout from a house or building. By collecting rainwater, one can save energy, water, and money. Rain barrels also help reduce erosion and storm water runoff and increase water quality.

Registration will be for two adults, two adults per registration must attend the workshop and will be in close contact. Other participants and instructor will maintain appropriate physical distance. One barrel will be made per registration. Cobb County residents only. Registration is required.

Because of budget and limited resources, this free class is only open for Cobb County residents and those residents who have not taken the class before.

Please click here to register for the workshop.

Covid-19 Precautions:

  • Equipment will be sanitized between all events and during events as needed.
  • Group sizes have been reduced to not exceed 10 people.
  • Increased hygiene and hand washing prior to and during events.
  • Physical distance mandatory during event.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged and will be worn by instructors.
Event Contact Info

Cobb County Water Efficiency Program 
Tel:  770-419-6303
Email:  [email protected]

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