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2005 SPLOST Projects

All projects in the 2005 SPLOST Program are now scheduled for completion. To date, 310 projects have been completed (92%) of the 336 total projects in the program. Some significant projects currently under construction include: Shiloh/Shallowford Road, Queen MIll Road, Nance Road Bridge over Butler Creek, and I-285 at Atlanta Road.

2005 SPLOST Budget Book
Presented to the Board of Commissioners on July 9, 2013

2005 TIP Budget Schedules by Year June 2018

Project List

Last updated Summer 2014
2005 SPLOST Project Name Project Number Project Status
Cedarcrest Road Widening D4070 Under construction
Cobb Parkway - Bridge over Chattahoochee River GDOT Project Under construction
Floyd Road TR295 Completed
I-285 at Atlanta Road Interchange GDOT Project Under construction
I-75 at Third Army Road Interchange D4260 In concept design
Lake Acworth Drive/ SR 92 GDOT Project In design
Noonday Creek Trail D11D0/ D11E0 Completed
Queen Mill Road D6200 Completed

Project Details

Cedarcrest Road Widening - Cobb and Paulding Counties

Project Number: D4070
Commission District: Districts 1
Last Web Update: Winter 2014

Project Description: Cedarcrest Road is a two-lane roadway that runs approximately 6.27 miles between US 41/Cobb Parkway Northwest in Cobb County and the Dallas Acworth Highway intersection with Hiram Acworth Highway at the Cross Roads community of Paulding County. The proposed undertaking would widen and improve Cedarcrest Road from Harmony Grove Church Road to Governors Towne Drive. These improvements would be made through two projects—one to be completed by Paulding County’s Department of Transportation utilizing local funding and the other to be constructed by Cobb County’s Department of Transportation utilizing a combination of local funding and federal highway funds.

Project Schedule: This project is currently under construction.

Project Manager Information: For more information, please contact Cobb DOT Engineering at (770) 528-1621.

Project Downloads:

Cobb Parkway - Bridge Replacement over Chattahoochee River - GDOT Project

Project Number: GDOT Project
Commission District: District 2

Project Description: This project includes replacing the bridge over the Chattahoochee River located in Cobb and Fulton Counties, Georgia. To accelerate construction of the new bridge, this project has been split into two phases:

  • Phase 1: From Northgate Drive to Paces Mill Road. This phase will include reconstruction and widening of the bridge over the Chattahoochee River. The length of this proposed phase is 0.53 miles.
  • Phase 2: Paces Mill Road to Akers Mill Road.  This phase will widen the existing roadway from 5-lanes to 6-lanes with new sidewalks, multiuse trail and new traffic signals.

Project Schedule: Phase 1 construction was started December 18, 2011 and is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2014.  Phase 2 construction was started August 2, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by June 20, 2016.

Project Manager Information: For more information, please contact Cobb DOT Engineering at (770) 528-1621.

Project Downloads: 

I-285 at Atlanta Road Interchange Improvements

CCDOT Project Number: D4100
GDOT Project Number: PI 752300
Federal Project Number: STP00-0222-01(001)
Commission District: District 2

Project Description: Modify the interchange at Atlanta Road and I-285 by replacing the existing bridge structures and adding left turn lanes along Atlanta Road to access both NB & SB traffic onto I-285; add aux. lanes along I-285 from Atlanta Rd to Paces Ferry Rd interchange and replace Orchard Rd Bridge over I-285.

Project Schedule:

  • Project Let to Construction: March 21, 2014
  • C.W. Matthews received Notice to Proceed: May 16, 2014
  • Preconstruction Conference Held with Contractor: May 30, 2014
  • First Utility Coordination Meeting Held: June 16, 2014
  • Next Utility Coordination Meeting: Tentatively schedule for late July 2014 or August 2014
  • Lane Closures: Lane closures not allowed on I-285 and Atlanta Road between 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Construction Completion: August 24, 2018
  • Detour for Orchard Road Closure (completion 12 months from start): Detour Implementation Summer 2015

Project Manager Information:  For more information, please contact Cobb DOT Engineering at (770) 528-1621.

I-75 at Third Army Road Interchange

Project Numbers: D4260
Commission District: District 1

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to provide safety and operational improvements, and reduce traffic congestion on those roads that feed traffic from northern Paulding County, Southern Bartow County and northwest Cobb County to and from I-75.

Currently, commuters use US 41 and SR 92 predominately to gain access to the interstate system. SR 92 crosses Lake Allatoona and goes through historic Acworth. It would be difficult to widen SR 92 to accommodate this traffic. Due to congestion along these corridors, commuters are taking alternative routes to gain access to the interstate including perceived short cuts through communities. This has created safety and operations issues as well as congestion on facilities that were not designed to accommodate this degree of traffic.

The Third Army Road project will address these issues by creating an access controlled roadway between US 41 and a new interchange on I-75 that basically follows the existing Third Army Road, hence the name of the project. This new facility will provide direct access to the area as described above with the new interchange on I-75. A grade separated interchange with US 41 is also being considered to further alleviate potential congestion on US 41.

Since the Public Meeting which occurred on March 28, 2013, the concept has been reduced to reduce costs. The concept attachments below are of the reduced concept.

Project Schedule: Currently, only the scoping phase is underway with a duration of approximately 18 months. The deliverables of this phase consists of an approved Environmental document and approved concept.  Upon completion of this Phase, construction plans will be prepared and the project let to construction.  If funding is located, it is anticipated that construction will begin by 2018 and will take two years to complete construction.

Project Manager Information: For additional information on this project, please contact Cobb DOT at (770) 528-1621.

Project Downloads:

Lake Acworth Drive/SR 92 - GDOT Project

GDOT held a Location and Design Public Information Open House on July 8, 2008 for the proposal to widen SR 92 from two to four lanes between US 41 and Cowan Road at I-75. Read the Open House summary